Beat the Heat and Memory Lane

This past week was incredibly hot. As a result, we tried to stay away from our even hotter apartment! Michael and I mostly hung out at Target, while Richard was in his air conditioned bliss work environment. Michael also endured my endless searching for a swimsuit at various locations. We went to the University Village outdoor shopping center, and I just have to tell you that I laughed, and couldn't stop laughing when Michael tried to walk into a jewelry store but instead walked right into their clear glass door falling flat on him bum. Yes, it was sad, but oh so classic.

By the way, I never found a dang swimsuit. Guess I am too picky.

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon, after Richard's day was done, we headed over to Woodinville to rekindle memories of Richard's childhood. We visited the house he pretty much lived in until age 11.

As Richard put it, everything seemed much bigger when he was a kid. Like this rock he used to climb.

Or this picture which shows "the Big Valley" as he and his neighbor friends used to call it.

Maybe this is what Richard used to look like, in this exact spot:

It's always fun taking walks down memory lane. We even were able to chat with his former neighbor, the father of Richard's childhood best friend, who allowed us to wander his shaded yard. Yes, it was a good day.


Dorothy said...

Nice! I can picture Michael attempting to climb that mountain of a rock. There is a rock like that at my parent's home. I used to think it was huge. Then it got over grown by a bush. When I clipped the bush back to uncover it, I couldn't believe how small it was.

Katie Wood said...

I remember going to that house. I remember that you could run in a loop through the kitchen and the living room or something. I watched Princess Bride for the first time there and ate a lot of Taco Bell. I think I was also a little scared of their dog.

Diana said...

@Katie Funny you mention Taco Bell, because that was one of the first places Richard pointed out (we ate there of course) and he said that his mom always brought them to Taco Bell.