How to throw a fit

Michael will now demonstrate how to throw a fit. However, the camera distracted him and he could no longer fulfill the appropriate facial expressions and screaming that usually accompany arching, rolling, and kicking.

^^And this is what I was left with. YAY!


Breakfast or Fast Break?

This morning I ate two candy bars and a bagel for breakfast.
This kid had the same idea. He found 1/2 a candy bar that I left by my bed side the other day.




So, it's not my child but it's pretty clever and funny.
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The movie is sideways and I can't figure out how to rotate it in IPhoto. Does anyone know how?
Michael fell asleep in the highchair, so I went to wipe of his hands and this is what happened. Luckily I caught some of it on camera.

Our little SleepEater


72 Hour Kits Done!

So, writing about doing the 72 Hour kits really motivated me to get it done! Here's what I put into it.

Day One:
Granola Bar, Tuna, Fruit Cocktail, Minute Maid, Various snacks
Day two:
Odwalla bar, Candy Bar, Chicken, minute maid, Various snacks
Day three:
Granola Bar, candybar, Beans, Oranges, Minute Maid, Various snacks
The 'snacks' are crackers, jerky, trail mix, sunflower seeds, banana chips 
And then, water of course. 
The food and drinks (-the water) all fit in two ziploc bags, and the cracker box in my bag, and the bananas in Richard's bag. He also has the toilet paper, but I have his toothbrush--so hopefully in an event, we are together. :)
I don't know if the candybars are going to last my chocolate cravings. I may just believe there is no chocolate in the house, until I remember those bags. :O

Also, before I bagged it up, I wrote down the items and their expiration. Some items we may have to recycle through in 6 months. I need to keep my eyes out for items that last longer than that. Although, would it really kill me to eat something 2 months expired?

And, on a completely different note look at this delicious lasagna I made for dinner today! I also used my food processor to grind up some brussell sprouts that I tried to eat yesterday, and decided they would taste better mixed and hidden in my lasagna meat sauce.


72 Hour Kits

I am very slow at getting around to things, but it's time that I recycle my 72 Hour kit. Layla suggested that we remember go through it every April conference. I thought that was a good reminder, so we emptied ours out in April, but we have yet to refill it. So, this is me putting together a list of what I need. Also, I hope to encourage ALL of you to put together your own 72 hour kit for everyone in your household, and build your food storage.


The last time we got a 72 hour food kit was in our Provo ward. A lady volunteered to put one together for everyone, so she could buy items in bulk. It was an inexpensive alternative for us to do relatively little. However, as wonderful as it was, there were quite a few items in there that aren't to Richard's and mine taste, for example: Vienna Sausages. Nevertheless, when I opened up our food kits this past April, the sausages were the only item yet to expire. So, I fed them to Michael for lunch. He threw up that night, and although I don't think it was the sausages fault because of his flu symptoms, I still didn't like cleaning up the mess, and will never look at Vienna sausages the same. 

So I guess the point of that story is: Don't put something in your 72 hour kit that will make you puke. 

I remember a family home evening activity from my childhood. My parents pulled out all of our 72 hour kits. We updated them with new food, and fitting clothing, and then my parents challenged us kids to try to survive on our 72 hour kit food for the next, well, 72 hours! And if we did it successfully, we would be treated dinner at a restaurant. Going out to eat was always the best thing, so we all agreed immediately! It really wasn't as easy as it sounds. My school lunch was pretty lame compared to my friend's. My stomach gurgled a lot, and I'll admit, I have a very distinct memory of waiting for my mom to walk upstairs one afternoon, so I could sneak into the kitchen and grab a piece of bread. Although, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one of my siblings who cheated. :P

It was a great activity and lesson to me, and it is something that I am definitely going to try with my kids as well. 

Alright, so here's a website that I found that had some great month-by-month tips for building up food storage, and also preparing and checking the 72 Hour kit. 

And, here's my tentative list for 3 days of food. (Any suggestions/tips/advice welcome). I tried to have one breakfast and dinner meal item for each day, and then snacks.

Day One:
Hot Chocolate
Canned Chicken
Nabisco Snack
Granola Bar
Hard Candy
Juice Box

Day Two:
Nabisco Snack
Trail Mix
Power Bar
Fruit Can
Juice Box

Day Three:
Hot Chocolate
Beanie Weenies
Granola Bar
Fruit Can
Beef Jerky
Juice Box

Soup Mix packet??

There's currently a lot of coupons on coupons.com
Like for the nabisco snacks, individually packed, that I was planning on buying anyway.
Also, I am going to buy two boxes of crackers (saltine and graham) and instead of separating each cracker into individual packs, I'll just place the entire box in the backpack, and then it can be shared, and is less likely to get crushed up. 

Anyway, there will probably be more items than I stated, room permitting. But that's a good general list of foods that we would eat.

Here's some additional items that should be included as they come to mind:
Can opener
Hand Sanitizer
Feminine Needs (I wouldn't want to be without, just in case)
Deodorant (I just packed away our 1/2 used sticks of deodorant, because I don't think you need a full stick for 3 days)
Extra clothing and Underwear and socks
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Toilet Paper
Flashlights AND batteries
Foil Blankets?
Extra contacts stored away and eye drops (if you have contacts.)
If you have a baby, don't forget to stash extra diapers, wipes, baby medicine etc...
Also, Richard and I have tried to put our important paper work together, although not stashed away since we still have to get into it from time-to-time. But, at least we know where it is, and can grab the file folder as we EvAcuAte! Can you sense the urgency to be prepared?!

Just know this site is much more thorough than I am. I was very surprised at how much of this stuff I didn't pack last year. But, it's sort of understandable, because our bags were really FULL. I think we're going to accumulate one more backpack that just holds the food and utensils, and then the other bags can hold clothes and items. But, I don't know. It's supposed to be simple, ready-to-go evacuation packs, because you can't grab your entire food storage. 

Good luck and let me know your goal to prepare, or write a blog about your preparation measures and share it! I'd love to get some tips!


Dream come true

Guess what arrived in the mail today?!!?!?

Kinda funny, actually. I dreamt about one of these last weekend. I was cooking with it in my kitchen, and I woke up literally thinking I had one already had one. When I learned that I didn't, I told myself I had to have one because it was sooo great (in my dream). But, then I talked myself out of it, because I didn't really need it. Well, then on Tuesday evening I was watching The Biggest Loser and Tara, one of the contestants, was using the SAME mini food processor that I used in my dream. I pretty much hopped on Amazon.com, immediately after the show, to use the rest of my gift card money to buy one. It only cost me $12.99, and I got free shipping! 

So, it's definitely mini, but it works perfectly for how many veggies I usually chop up for my small family anyway! AND it literally cut my meal time in half, or close to it!!! I am one happy customer. And I know I'm definitely going to be creating more veggie filled dinners, just so I can use this gadget. 

OKAY-now to the good stuff. Click HERE to see what meal I created this afternoon using my new toy! Seriously. Go to it, and try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed. 


Free Meal from KFC

You may have heard this--it is quickly spreading around, but visit Oprah's website to receive your free meal from KFC

Happy Eating


Extra Extra

Does anyone want some coupons?
I typically get about two papers worth of coupons each week, but, I generally don't take all the coupons and I feel bad recycling them if someone else would like to go through them as well. Most of them will be non-food items, and occasional food items that we don't eat/need/or have stocked up on. Let me know.