Trying to be like Jesus

Michael: I want to try to be like Jesus.
Mom: I'm so happy to hear that.
Michael: But how? How can I try to be like Jesus?
Mom: Well when you choose to be happy. When you help other people, or be kind to your friends that's being like Jesus.
Michael: No, Mom. I want to try to be like Jesus! How do I do that?
Mom: Umm.. you can choose the right.
Michael: No, Mom! Like this! *Pulls blanket over head* Do I look like him now?


A post about everything I want to blog about

Things I think about blogging about but haven't gotten around to:

1. Book recommendations. There are several books that I've read over this last year that I have absolutely loved and consider change-makers to my attitude, parenting, and just general perspective of life.

2. Vision Therapy. I truly believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Before applying for this job, I had never heard of vision therapy. Unfortunately, so few optometry doctors are involved in it to the extent my doctor is because of the extra time, commitment, money and employees. But, it's an incredible resource that has helped improve the life of many children and adults. Just recently I had an adult patient (who claims he doesn't want to be there, and that he's just there because his wife is making him), admit that he has noticed a change. Quite simply put he told me, "I can actually read my emails without getting a headache from staring at the screen." I didn't even realize doing that was so hard for him.

Anyway, there are a billion more stories I wish I could tell, both from books I've read to real-life experiences I am involved in. I'm not only learning optometric procedures, but I am integrating my education as I am teaching and encouraging these patients. Positive reinforcement is key. And my job is far more than doing eye exercises, its also enabling (mostly) kids to leave feeling better about themselves, and drop labels that have been placed on them like "lazy, dumb, learning-disabled, inattentive" and recognizing that they can do amazing things.
Just a random picture I pulled off the Internet. But, I love it, because it's a procedure I do several times a week.  Any guesses on what it is?

3. Just overall updates on my family. Where we live. Where we swim.

4. A post on my friends, and how grateful I am for the people I know. I consider it a complete privilege to know most of the people I know. Since finding a counselor to meet with periodically, I think I have a developed a greater empathy for people and deeper desire to hear their stories. My therapist has helped me "own my story" and of course, I am still writing it. But I rather like my story. I can't do much to change it but I like who I am, and my story has made me. Now I just gotta figure out where I am going from here.

So there you have it. Maybe I'll get around to blogging about it, someday. 


Anger Management

Michael got angry at me the other day. I can't remember why. Chances are he doesn't remember either. I had grounded him from something and he marched angrily into the livingroom, shifted materials around in the desk drawer all while grumbling under his breath, "I'm so mad at my Mom." 

Then I heard the marker scribbling as Michael spoke aloud what he was "writing". I thought for sure he was going to copy Alfalfa from The Little Rascals and say, "Dear Mom, I hate your stinkin' guts. You are the scum between my toes."

I turned on my camera when I heard him approaching, although what he presented was a lot nicer than what I heard him grumbling originally.

We have replayed this video several times since then because it is, in fact, quite hilarious. That poor boy insisted on wearing some pants that were quite too large for his skinny waist and the proof is in the final seconds of this clip.

ps-its kind of quiet, you may want to turn up your volume.


When the music starts playing...

...Michael is sure to bust out his moves. I love this kid.