My Bloated Piggy Bank

Wanna learn something new about me?
I am becoming a coupon-aholic.
Granted, I'm not the best-and don't ring up with 80% savings each time, but I really enjoy being a bargain hunter.
I think I was first and foremost inspired by my dad. He has a plastic case separating his coupons into sections, so it's easy to find what he's looking for. I remember cutting out the coupons on Sundays for him. And he and some people in the ward would swap unwanted coupons.

After I got married I didn't really use coupons. And I don't know what really got me started up here, except the motivation to be a penny pincher. I don't even buy a Sunday newspaper, because someone at work always does, and he never wants the coupons. I'll take them! I have a large envelope that's separated into just four sections, and I always have it in my purse. I realized I must be in love when I was anxiously awaiting the mail on Tuesday because that's when a few grocery store ads arrive--a moment when I compare prices store-to-store, see if anything I need is on sale, and see if any coupons I have match up to sales.

I also keep tabs on coupon forums and blogs. They can offer online deals that I haven't heard about, or access to more printable coupons. I did have one shopping trip where I did save 84%. But that's a rare occasion--usually I'm up in 50% range. Still pretty good though, if I plan it right.

I was actually going to post about a shopping trip that I made to Albertson's a few weeks ago. They had a "double your coupons" promotion for one week, and I was SO excited. They only allowed 4 coupons per transaction, so I chose coupons that had 1.00 value, so I could end up getting 2.00 off. Also, they had some baby items on clearance, which I also had coupons for, so a double whammy there! (Can you sense my excitement?) In the end, I think I bought just 12 items, but they averaged out to just .60 cents an item. (Garnier Fructis shampoo, Lysol cleaners, Baby snacks.) Pretty awesome eh?

I've heard some people complain that it's pretty time consuming and not worth it--but to me this has become a hobby, and something I enjoy, and it saves me some money, so in the end-that leaves more money in the piggy bank.

Anyway, Safeway is pretty much having some awesome sales this week. They've completely run out of the ads we have in the store, because they have $10.00 off coupons attached. As I've been working, I've been compiling a mental grocery list of the best deals, and because I look through my coupons so often, I have a pretty good idea of what deals I can match with coupons. We can also get a free 2-liter rootbeer with any grocery purchase of $10.00 or more so Richard can even get excited.

Anyway, I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow-and I'm pretty much STOKED! What are ways that you try to save some money?



(Yes, some more pictures...)
Today, Michael looked incredibly big and much older to me. His hair is also starting to resemble Jim on "The Office". It's definitely getting long, and starting to curl against his ears. 
I've also discovered a new styling gel for him. Pear juice. Or, macaroni and cheese. Or, sweet potatoes. It helps the hair stick up in anyway you want it.

Watching Obama's speech. I like this picture, cuz Michael looks like he's mimicking Mr. President.

Socks. Teeth. Drool. The whole package.


Father and Son


1 Year Old

We had a nice birthday celebration for Michael! Suzy was up for a visit this weekend, which has been so fabulous. I am happy she was up here for the birthday party too. I invited our neighbors over, Jeanie, Travis, and their baby Jewell, and a friend from work over. I wish we had the room to hold a party for everyone to come! 
I like this above picture 'cause it shows the best of Michael's cheeks!

Downing the cake.  If you like to watch kids eat cake, then this is the video for you. I decided on a giraffe cake--unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it. But, Suzy has some...so I'll post some later. 
Our cute one year old boy!


Wordle: Change?
I got this idea from Layla's blog. It's a word cloud based on my last few posts. Kinda cool. But why did wordle have to choose "Change" as the big word?! It's haunting us. Haha.


Writer's Block

Sometimes I look at my blog and tell myself, "I need to update this thing." But I don't have anything too entertaining to write. And who likes to read an unentertaining blog? Furthermore, I can't take the easy way out of posting a silly picture of Douglas Michael on this post, cause I'm on a picture-less laptop.

Speaking of not knowing what to write about: Richard is in the process of once again applying for two more scholarships. Of course, each of them asks for an essay, with different questions. Both Richard and I are pretty poor essay writers. And it's frustrating, because even though he loves his program and his field of choice, it's difficult to adequately express this on paper. Especially when the essay topic is so generic like this one: How you see the attainment of your degree affecting change.

Change? Are we all following in Obama's footsteps now with this popular "change" theme?

So, my fellow blog citizens, how would you see Richard affecting change by attaining his degree? I know the answer for me. 1. We could change jobs. 2. We can change apartments. 3. We could change vehicles. 4. We could change how much money we owe to the school. 5. We could have a plethora of babies. Hahaha. Love it! And new babies means a new generation of change!

Okay, I definitely don't think that's the answer they're looking for. What do you think?