Suzy's favorite type of post.

I know. I take pictures of my groceries. Not all of them. But sometimes, I just can't resist to share good deals and my enthusiasm for coupon-ing. My sister, Suzy, especially loves these posts; I know she shares in my excitement of good deals. =) (I'm only joking)Kraft Foods is running a promotion through Albertson's. Check with your Albertson's (or look online) to see if they are participating. Click here for details And Click here for the participating items. In short, purchase $25.00 worth in participating products (before coupons) and a catalina coupon for $5.00 off your next shopping trip will print, as well as the $20.00 rebate form to send into Kraft Foods. That's equivalent to $25 in free food!

Here's the basic layout of my shopping trip, starting with the Kraft promo items.
4 Lunchables @ 2.50 each = $10
2 Teddy Grahams @ 2.50 each = $5
4 Velveeta Single Serve Cups @ 1.00 each =$4
•Use 2 B1G1 free coupons
•Final price = $2
2 California Pizza Individual Pizzas @ 2.50 each = $5
• Use 2 $1/1 coupons
• Final price = $3
2 Kraft Single Slice Cheese @ 2.50 each = $5
•Use $1/2 coupon
• Final price= $4
2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese @ 1.67 each = $3.34
• Use $1/2 coupon
• Final price = $2.34
1 Ritz crackers @ 2.50 each = $2.50
1 Wheat Thins @ 2.50 each = $2.50
• Use coupon that states: Buy one Ritz crackers and get box of Wheat Thins Free!
• Final price for both = $2.50
Total Spent on Kraft Items: $28.84
• -$5.00 off Catalina Coupon
• -$20.00 rebate
• -$1.00 off Catalina Coupon from Velveeta (I wasn't aware of this one until it happened).
• Net Price = $2.84!
How is this not exciting!?

And for the rest of the trip:
Post Selects cereals are on sale for $2.50 each, but when you buy 4, it will automatically take $4.00 off = $1.50/box!
• I used 1 $1/2 coupon (but if you have 2, then use them both)
• Final price = $5.00
•But that's not all: After payment of 4 boxes, a $3.00 catalina will print that you can use towards anything in the store.

2 Baby Food Jars @ 1.07 each
• Use 2 "Free" coupons up to .99 cents
• Final price= .16 cents

And the Hostess Powdered donuts @ $2 each for Richard because he "will die if [he doesn't] get some!" Drama King. =)

Total Payout = $38.00
Catalinas received back= $9.00
Rebate = $20.00
Net Price = $9.00 for everything except the detergent, which I ran back and got, then purchased with my $3 catalina coupon, paying only .66 out of pocket.


Suzy said...

YOU are amazing. But my REAL favorites are ones with stories, and Michael, and pictures that I can show my friends.

RORYJEAN said...

Holy guacomole! That is amazing! I am printing this out and heading to albertsons tomorrow!

Cameron said...

My wife would love this pos--oh... there's her comment above. I guess we're headed to Albertsons today.

Nancy said...

I like these ones...one day can I just follow you around and do everything you do, put everything in my cart that you put in, use the same coupons? Would the check-out guys think we're weird?

Duchess said...

I'm with Nancy, can I just follow you around and do the same things you do :)

Jan said...

you seriously rock. My mom would be so proud of you. She loves a good coupon excursion.