Building a Nest

Wendy Plewe, our upstairs neighbor, threw me a wonderful baby shower on Saturday. I am so thankful for everything I/and the baby recieved. I soon discovered though, that I didn't have anywhere to put baby Michael's clothes, and that I needed to make more room to store diapers. This resulted in organizing some cupboard space in the bathroom, creating a chain reaction that led to me cleaning the entire bathroom, and then moving into the bedroom to clean out a dresser drawer for baby clothes, and do some more organizing! Although my kitchen is still a mess, I like how the back rooms feel. Clean!


Scrappy Moments

After being married over a year, I've finally started putting together my wedding scrapbook. It's coming along pretty well, although slowly. Sometimes I spend over an hour on one page--but it's fun! I'll gladly show it to anyone who wants to see it!


Baby Names

I keep thinking about what we are naming our baby. Am I sure that I want his name to be Douglas Michael? I have been pretty much positive my whole entire pregnancy, but now with only a month left, I have been giving this some serious thought. I mean, this is the name he will be stuck with for the rest of his life.

Remember how the angel came to Mary and told her, "You're going to have a baby, and you will name him Jesus" I wish that angel could visit me. Maybe I'd feel a little more certain! :)


Lotsa Babies!

It's 3:30 in the morning now, and I just woke up from a crazy dream and now can't sleep. So I decided that I would grab a muffin and write down my dream for all to hear about.

I was in my bathroom at home and was all of the sudden in labor. I called for Richard, and he came in and started delivering. A doctor magically appeared too, to help out. Well, out comes a healthy baby boy! But then the doctor tells me there are more! I give birth to another baby boy. Then two more baby boys come out, but they were very small and died. And then one more baby boy followed after them. I was so shocked, and happy! But I did wonder how the doctors didn't catch it before that there were 5 babies inside of me.

Then the doctor disappeared, and I just held all three of my boys. The best part was they were already clean, and labor didn't hurt me one bit. So, I wrapped them up in a towel and brought them into my bedroom laying them side by side on my bed. I smiled, and introduced myself to them. At this time, Richard was still in the bathroom calling my cousin's fiance's mom (strange) to let her know we had our babies. I decided to diaper my children, but the newborn diapers were awfully big for them, but I did the best I could. Then it hit me when I was doing that, that I didn't have any names for two of the boys. I ran into the bathrrom and asked Richard if we could name one of them "Jesse" but he quickly refused, but didn't have any name ideas. I told him that we had to come up with names before I would call my mom, and that I wanted to call my mom soon. He told me I could name them, he just had to agree on the names.

So, I pulled out the name list that I've mentally carried with me my whole life and picked the first two boy names on the list: Conner James, and Kristopher, and then of course, the oldest boy's name was Douglas Michael. Richard agreed to my choice of names, and I picked up the phone. Although it was 3:27 am in my dream, my Mom answered her phone immediately with a happy voice. She had just gotten home from a meeting. (Those lawyers meet at strange times). I told her that on Sunday she could announce to the Relief Society that she was no longer a grandma of 1 grandson, but of 4! And then I started crying, because I realized that I didn't have three cribs, or three strollers, or three of anything. I still don't have 1 of everything yet! And, scariest of all, how was I going to take care of them, move to Seattle with all three of them, or get any sleep! And apparantly the sleep part is still an issue, because here I am! I'm still awake and writing a blog post. Someone should advise me to go to bed and get some sleep while I still can.


Dear Blog...

Well, it's been over a month since I have posted anything. I always think of things that I can blog about, but then I never do it. But right now, Richard and his brother, Michael, are playing XBOX together (male bonding moment) so I decided that I would check my email (again), and write a letter to my blog and to let it know what I am doing.

Dear Blog (and any of our readers):
School is over. Christmas is past. And now it's 2008!
I ended up with much better grades than I expected, and an A on my English research paper. I think that A made me the most happy, because English is the class I stress most over, therefore work the hardest in, and at the end of the semester, its the class that turns out to be my absolute favorite. Strange.

Christmas was so good. Richard and I initially planned to wake up and enjoy a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. However, when I woke up in the morning, I told Richard that I didn't want bacon. He replied, "And, I don't really want pancakes." But Captain Crunch sounded like a delicous breakfast for the both of us.

We opened our gifts after breakfast. Richard got a lot of DVD's thanks to all of the great sales at Target. And I got a kitchen knife set from him. Douglas got socks, and children's books. :)

Then we pretty much spent the rest of the day at my parents house, and the Heisses opening more gifts, eating lots of food, and seeing my cute nephew! Richard did likewise, except most of his time was spent playing Axis and Allies. Nancy Heiss was lucky to get Andrew out of the game when she did, because the game didn't officially end until the next day! Anyway, thanks for the games, and the presents, and the dinners!

Well, I feel like this blog is long enough, although I really could continue writing about things such as our baby who's due to land at our doorstep (hopefully not literally) in the next 6 weeks. I guess, I really have nothing much else to say about that except "Wow! That seems really close, and I feel hardly prepared." Richard and I attended our first prenatal care class on Thursday and he doesn't want me to go into labor, ever. So, I guess that is decided now. I'll just be pregnant for the rest of my life.