Once upon a time...

...Richard and Diana were married.
Just 2 Years ago


Merry Christmas

I mostly recorded our Christmas morning, but I don't have the cord that connects my camera. So, here are a few pictures. Michael got a lot of books. He Loves books. He'll hold them open as best as he can, and make mumbling noises.

Richard always does Stockings--at least he always wants to be in charge of stockings, that is. I thought that I had seen everything already that he was going to put in stockings, but I found a few surprises this morning. A diploma. A Job. and a million dollars. 
Yeah right...maybe in 82 years

We enjoyed our day talking with family on the web cam, and seeing them opening some gifts. And, we watched Wall-E. Took naps. Ate scones. Ate orange sticks, and lots of chocolate. Visited with friends. It's been a lovely holiday. Merry Christmas everyone.



Today I went to the AIS website and logged into my account. I was going to check my grades. After logging in and navigating through a series of links I finally came to a link called "Grades". I clicked the link....waited anxiously while it pulled them from the database....

While you wait lets take a look at some things I did this semester.

This is a logo for a new catering business here in Seattle. The iguana comes from the owners pet iguana. Sounds silly but that's what they wanted.

Here is their stationery.

This logo is an update for my uncle's business. (www.chisinspections.com)

Here is the stationery.

In my illustration class we took a dark colored paper and used dillusions of bleach and bleached the paper. Looks way cool huh!

Next I took one color of water-based paint and put it all over the canvas. Then I used a paint brush and water to remove the paint in the areas that are brighter. I like it because you can see the green painted strokes through the whole piece. Looks almost like I put white over the green, like a stencil or cut out.

I also created a 30 page guide book for new students. It includes definitions of terms they probably don't know, step by step guide to setting up a document and how to get it ready to print properly. I had a debate class and debated topics like Sex Education and Should we create a World Union similar to the European Union. The logo projects above are just the top of the ice berg. I had to create 5-7 other pieces for both including vehicle stickers, menus, web-sites, clothing, ads, public relations and contracts, as well as guides as to how they can and can't use their logo.

....When the grades page finally posted I was going crazy. I was so excited to see them but nervous to get anything less than an A. It was my goal this semester to get all A's.

I hope you are dying to know what I got as much as I was. I got a 4.0 and you can imagine the excitement.

I would like to thank Diana for her patience throughout the quarter. She also gets credit for spell checking and giving her input on everything. I want to thank Michael for being cute and keeping us smiling all the time. He is just so cute.


Let it Snow!

Well, church was cancelled again today because of another snow storm that hit last night. In our area, there's not too much snow, but apparantly in Sammamish and Bellevue areas, there was lots of snowfall, and power outages as a gift. And in Enumclaw there were high wind warnings. Basically, the only thing the news covers this week is the weather. So I guess that's all that's on my mind as well.

Apparantly somebody announced on the news that a lot of snowfall was coming, and that everybody had better get their grocery shopping done because no one will be going out on Sunday or Monday. Well, lemme tell ya! Work was B.U.S.Y! Every checkstand was open, and the lines were long in every checkstand. I only rang up about 9 customers my first hour, because every one had such large orders. I wouldn't even call this snowfall a natural disaster, but the craziness at the store was a good glimpse into what life might be like if a natural disaster were to happen.

Are you prepared? It's caused me to reflect on how much stored water I have on hand, or non-perishable food. Could we survive a week? Could we survive three days?

I've been walking to work this entire week. I think it's funny how I voluntarily walk more in the winter than I did in the summer time. I just have no interest in driving anywhere on the icy roads that never get cleaned off. But walking brings back some good memories of Russia, specifically. I wear my winter boots, and throw on lots of layers to keep warm. However, I still wear about 1-2 layers less than I wore in Russia. The first day that I arrived in Moscow it was 25 degrees below. I didn't understand how cold that was, and wasn't adequately prepared for a 2 hour drive in an unheated van in that weather. Haha, misery!!

Anyway, I've actually really enjoyed walking to and from work. And since there's no other place to go--let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

And now a little message from Michael: kbn i k l. o;l l l nm//// yuh m
Translation: Mommy hurt my thumb today while trying to cut my fingernail. Now I'm wearing my first bandaid ever, and think it tastes pretty good.

Gingerbread Houses!

On Friday we headed up to the Schenk's to visit and build gingerbread houses. There's a Christmas tree inside my house--see?~The boys working on their masterpieces~
~My House~

~Richard's house (with a front porch and a little car) He's so cute.~

~Devin's House~


All I want for Christmas is....

My Two Front Teeth!!!

He's clearly got one, and the 2nd one has just barely popped up today! Grow, baby, grow!


Oh the weather outside is frightful!

I am so grateful for my socks. Actually, I am wearing some pink fuzzy socks that I got for Christmas last year, or two years ago from my mom. They are sorta like Slippers. And they keep my feet soooo warm.

It snowed in Seattle, for the first time on Saturday. There was not very much snowfall-prolly about an inch. I don't really know--but I do know, it was definitely not enough to build a snowman. However, it was enough that church was cancelled the next day. And schools started 2 hours later than usual today. At this rate, I won't be going to church all winter.


But, it is ICY and it is BrrrrCOLD.

And so I am so thankful for warm socks, warm apartment, warm vehicle, warm hearts, hot chocolate, warm blankets, heaters. Did you ever sit on your heater at home? I always did. I used to push the temperature button up just one notch, sometimes two, because it was enough to get the heater to turn back on. And then, when it turned off, I'd go back out in the hallway and push it one more time. But, I always got in trouble when I did that, especially when I'd keeping pushing it over the 80 degree mark. I didn't really know what the numbers meant--I just knew it turned the heater back on.

Well, happy holidays my fellow blog readers. Stay warm.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Santa came to our ward Christmas party. Michael didn't cry when he sat on his lap. But, he didn't smile either.


Brought to you by the letter C

I've been thinking about what in the world I could blog about. But, I really have come to no decision. I just get sick of opening my blog and seeing the same picture over and over. So, here's some new pictures to look at--mostly of baby, because our camera is infested with him. But, I added a firework picture from the 4th of July.

Here's a question:
Do you think God blesses people in competitions? I am referring to any competition--particularly sports events, but any competitive position (man vs. man) is in question as well.
If I pray to win, am I more likely to win? How does God bestow blessings in these situations?


Christmas Devotional

We just got home from a stake choir performance and First Presidency Christmas Devotional. We enjoyed the music and talks very much. I really feel grateful for all that we have this Christmas season. We have loved living in Seattle, and we have felt the Lord's hand in our lives. And for other happy news, our neighbors gave us their old couch yesterday-so we consider that our earliest Christmas gift. I love having a couch!



We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. You wouldn't believe it, but the lights are on in this picture--the flash really ruined the effect. And surprisingly, Michael hasn't touched the tree...yet. 
Michael Loves holding the XBOX controller. He can actually hold it correctly too. Whoa.
Bath Time Bum Bum.
Baby's laugh at some of the silliest things. 


Silly Quotes

Richard loves this song so much. So much, in fact, that he just said, "You can play this song on my movie when I die."

Apparently we're watching a movie at Richard's funeral.
And having a celebration at mine.
We really aren't obsessed with this funeral topic...really, we aren't.