A story.

I will tell you some facts of a story, and you can piece together the details.
1. Heard a noise this morning in the kitchen.
2. Above the stove? In the vent/fan area where the pipes lead to the outside, somehow (I don't really know how it all works)
3. Scratching. Scratching.
4. Mouse? No. Please no.
5. Quiet.
6. More scratching.
7. Call the managers.
8. Call animal control.
9. Remove fan screen and hold cage underneath.
10. Bird doesn't fall into cage, rather flies at the window.
11. Smack. No good.
12. Pirches himself on "family" coat hanger on wall.
13. Remove the window screen.
14. Freedom.
15. No pictures to prove it. Darn.



Michael does this cute cuddly action all the time, and at the most random times. We love it.

Been on the Blog all day...

I have caught a cold and have been zapped of all energy. I feel like I have been laying down for most of the day. Luckily I am not scheduled to work for three days straight so I have some time to recuperate. Likewise, Michael has been stuffed up this whole week. At first I thought his slight runny nose was due to teething, cuz another tooth is beginning to come through. But, it's been getting seemingly worse all week. However, he hasn't had a night where he's been screaming all night like he has done in the past when he's sick. I am definitely grateful for that.

Here's some cute pics I took a few days back of the two of us. I love this little sweat suit outfit my parents gave him for his birthday. Michael adds his own touch to it by drooling all over it.

On another note, our friends Brock and Layla have moved back to Seattle!!! They are currently searching for an apartment in our area, so I'm WAY excited to see them more often. So if anyone knows of a good apartment for rent in our area--let me know please!


I am pretty tired. Today was a good day. This morning things were rushed because we all didn't get out of bed till late, and I had to get myself ready for work, and Richard and Michael had to get things ready to go down to Enumclaw. I tend to be snappy when we are running late--poor Richard. I think about speaking with the tongue of angels a lot when I'm snappy, because I need to be better at that.

Anyway, I worked 11-8pm today. I was the front end manager today which is a little intimidating, but I am coming to like. Because I'm managing the breaks of everyone, making sure courtesy clerks get their stuff done, and checking all at once, time speeds by!

The Mahelona's threw a belated birthday party for Michael today in Enumclaw. Naomi and Kevin were there with their kids, and the Butler's and Jarvis' were there as well. I hear it was a great birthday, despite Michael being cranky. Richard came home with 1/2 the cake--which is actually the size of a normal 13x9 cake. SO anyone who wants CAKE--COME OVER!!!

And since this is a random update post--I'll keep going. Richard is almost done with school this semester. He has some final projects he's working on. One in particular he has been spending hours upon hours on. I don't understand, but he loves what he does, and he likes working on the details. He has also created his website in one of his classes this semester, but there is still tons that he wants to do to it--so he won't tell you the URL until he has it set up well enough.

On a different topic, our neighbors have offered to give us their van for free. It looks like this, but a different color and there is only one row of seats in the back. Like my brother Steve told me, "You can't beat free" but I'm having a difficult time wondering if we should accept it or let them give it to someone else who may need it more. If it had two rows of seats, I'd take it in a second, because that means it can fit more kids, and if you know me and my dream family....... well, I don't have to say more. Anyway, we have been immensely blessed with our little car. It's caused us a little trouble recently, but it's been treating us great. And Richard utilizes the bus mostly so we don't really need/use two cars. What do you think?


This Just Happened

What if you woke up looking like this?


This just happened

This is what a good home cooked meal can do fer ya