Fashion Show

Sometimes I think it's fun to dress Michael in my clothes. Puts things into perspective at how big I really am. :)
But mostly, he doesn't like it
Doesn't he look like Philip in this picture? I see some similarities.
See what I mean?
And right now, Michael is holding my headphones that plug into my phone and trying to put them in his ears. How does he know that? I never use my headphones.


Lisa said...

This is a funny post. When Diane was a baby I'd try all her cute clothes on her, she wasn't too happy about it. But it must be a natural thing, because the girls dressed up both of their brothers when they were little. It's like playing with your cute dolls, only more fun cuz they're REAL! Michael is just so cute! I love how he sucks his thumb. Can't get enough pictures of him.

summerbummer said...

haha! i love the "I'm fine in momma's clothes" picture, and then the 'after' shot of "get these off me" haha... lol.