I am my own worst enemy.

There is no one who knows how to push my buttons better than myself. In an argument, I know exactly what will eat at me the most. I know when my guard is down, and when I can strike. If you think you're a bad person, hang out with me for a while and you'll feel much better.

To be honest, I have found it so easy to mix myself up in guilt-complexes as a mother/wife. It's like I'm not only married to a husband, but to a nag-filled wife as well who tells me I should constantly be better at what I am doing.

How do you deal with the enemy within? Can you just shut her out? Or do you push her buttons back with kindness until she learns to be kind herself?

Basically, I would love to hear I'm not alone in this.


Mr. Not-Quite-Potty-Trained

We have gone to the park on 4 separate occasions in the past 2 days. I am loving this 70 degree weather! At 530, I decided to walk to the park one last time with Michael before the sun set. Our walk took about 20 minutes, and within 2 minutes of arriving at the park Michael wet his pants. Poor boy. He was incredibly uncomfortable in his wet clothing and it showed in his walk. (See the video below).

So, we made our way back home which I thought was going to take an eternity since now we were walking slower than before. He kept commenting that he needed a diaper, because "underwear doesn't help." Honestly, I think he made a solid argument from a 3-year-old perspective. Anyway, the sun must've dried those pants up real quick, because soon Michael started playing "catch Mommy's shadow" (which was perfect, because that meant I set the walking pace).

Some like it cold.

That's what he said. Really.

My dear son cracks me up. He keeps saying the most hilarious and unexpected things. This is just an attempt to remember some of these things, because I forget so quickly.

Just barely he announced, "Mommy, I need another birthday, because I lost my birthday."
He has starting adding the phrase "dot-com" after he says things. "I want some tomatoes.com"
This morning, Michael told me that his tummy hurt "because it's hungry. I need a carrot. And tomatoes."

"For breakfast?"

"Yah." Okay.
At dinner, Michael sat inappropriately on his chair (in a defiant act not to eat his meal) and ended up getting his arm stuck between the bars on the back of the chair. He started screaming and yanking at it. We finally got him free, comforted him, and gave him kisses. After all was said and done, he perked up and asked, "Did you get a video of that?"
Michael bit his tongue. Came up to me, pointing to the inside of his mouth. "Mommy, I got hurt. Will you kiss it?" Then he stuck out his tongue. (no, I didn't)
His newest response to things: "I do. But, I don't." or "I can. But, I can't." "I will. But, I won't." You get the idea.
We went to a park yesterday, and there were two bouncy houses set up. Michael acted like he wanted to go in (mostly because all his other friends were getting stamps on their hands and were really planning on going in). So, I paid the $2 for Michael, and of course he was too scared to go in. He would sit anxiously by the bouncy house while his friend Mason was inside. Finally, he came over to me and said, "Mommy I need help." I thought he wanted help getting in, but he threw a little fit when I tried to put him inside.

"No Mom! I need help! I need you to help me get Mason out."

He eventually did go in, after most of the crowd left and it was just him and Mason in the house.
My two dollars at work.


Baby Hungry

A glimpse at our past and present.


That darn monkey

Do you ever hear of some really stupid lawsuits and wonder, "How do people get away with this?" Most memorable to me was the case where a customer was suing a dry cleaner $54 million over a pair of missing pants. I worked at a dry cleaners at the time, and every customer brought it up. At the time, I also worked with a girl who was notorious for misplacing clothing, or giving them to the wrong customer. You can imagine the only thoughts that went through my head those days.

Yesterday, this month's edition of Reader's Digest came in the mail. I love it when they do issues about "dumbest criminals, lawsuits, etc" and this issue was one of them! Here was a lawsuit that just made my jaw drop:

On her way home from having dinner and drinks, Melanie Shaker of Chicago got angry with her husband and tried to kick him. Instead, she crashed through the window of a beauty salon, suffering several deep cuts. So naturally she sued the salon. Part of her argument: The store's plate glass window, which fronts a sidewalk "frequently traveled by intoxicated pedestrians," should have been stronger."

I don't know what the end result was, but nevertheless, these cases got me thinking about our sue-happy society.

Last night Michael went to bed fairly early around 7pm. He had had a fun day at the park with several friends and was "really tired." But then at 11pm he was up by my side proclaiming he was scared because there were monsters in his room. And he had a difficult time falling back to sleep during the rest of the night.

As of just a few weeks ago, Michael had never heard of the idea of monsters in the dark. Not until he watched a Curious George video online where George was scared to sleep because of monsters! I'm sure the video was created to help calm the fears of children who already had those ideas in their head. But, at the same time they were introducing that very idea to children who wouldn't have conceived it on their own.

I announced to Richard last night, after about my 17th time being awaken, that I am going to sue that darn monkey! Because of him, not only did I lose a precious 8 hours of sleep on the night of May 10, but he is also responsible for introducing the idea of monsters in the dark to my son causing him to experience fear, anxiety, and loss of sleep as well. After my quick determinations, this is all worth $1,450,430,687!

Now who wants to represent me? Or will I have to be my own lawyer like the guy who sued over his missing pair of pants?


Capn Crunch and Froooot Looops

It's 10:20pm. And I'm eating a bowl of super sugary sweet cereal. Yum. I got it for a decent price today, as well as other spectacular deals at the grocery store (my favorite place to be!). I have ringed in a tight-knit group of couponing friends, and sometimes that's all we talk about and it's totally cool with me. Hahaha.

The other day at Rite Aid, Michael spotted a box of Froot Loops. He was very persuasive as he whined and begged for them, "Mommy! I just want a box of Froooooooot Looooops." He really held out the "O" and it was adorable. And being adorable is just about the best reason to let people buy you things. But, I didn't. Instead I offered a plan.

I said, "How about we make you a sticker chart. And every time you do the dishes (aka-empty the silverware) you can get a sticker on your chart. Then, when your sticker chart is all the way full, we'll buy you a box of Froot Loops."

I don't think he really got it. In fact, I think the only words he selectively heard were "Froot Loops AND stickers" because he got really excited and wouldn't stop talking about the two things. But, then we walked out of the store with neither.

When we got home, I made a quick chart for him; purple, crooked, and just six squares. I coached him in starting the dishes, and then I rewarded him with a sticker afterwards. As luck would have it, I was able to do another load of dishes, and he got another sticker later that evening. He was starting to understand the concept.

Well, this morning, I stole a glance at the chart and noticed another sticker (with a corner ripped off) on the chart. Yet no dishes had been done.

Michael proudly admitted he had done it. But, then threw a fit when I asked him to empty the silverware to make up for it. I'll deal with that battle tomorrow.

As for today, it turned out to be a fabulous day. I love the sun. I went on two walks. Michael played with two different friends and got along well with both of them. I curled my hair. Talked with Aunt Lisa. Richard made dinner and Michael ate all his food. (Maybe Richard should always cook). And, I found a penny bringing my total to 66cents for the year.

My Son

Today is a good, warm day. I WILL be getting out.

This is what Michael likes to do when we go outside: throw rocks.



There are only three people on Earth that have the capacity to really care about you. Parents, and if you have one, your spouse. Everyone else can act as angels for a time by giving support, comfort, and saying that they care. But, in the end, only a few will have the capacity to really care.

It's most unfortunate when you don't have parents on Earth who care and your spouse isn't there for you 110%. I believe there is no feeling worse than feeling alone.