Someday I'll have a baby girl too.


Choo Choo Part Two

I just have to add this clip of his other dance move. I think he's perfected it since the womb. 


Choo Choo!

Music is meant to be danced to, and this child proves it! 


Is this really the same baby?

Did you ever get scared that your baby was going to be switched around with someone else's baby in the hospital? Well, I know that didn't happen to me, cuz I had the cutest baby ever in the hospital, and I came home with the cutest baby ever. But, I was just comparing these two pictures. One I took when Michael was maybe 3 or 4 months old. And then the other two, I took last week. Although he is still the cutest boy ever to hit the face of this planet, he has just changed soooo much. (No really?) I know that's what you're thinking. But I'm being a reminiscent mother. 


C is for what, you say?

I did it. I baked cookies tonight. And they.....




I don't know why I care to blog about cookies so much. Really. I think it's turning into an obsession. 



Fact: We presently have 13 boxes of cereal in our home.
Fact: We presently have 1 cute baby as well.



So--I haven't made cookies once this whole year! And that means, I haven't eaten cookies once this whole year!

But, I just ran out of Christmas candy, so we'll see how long this lasts. 


Get up off of that thing!

I hope this doesn't fall under category: Shaken Baby Syndrome