This post is brought to you by the letter G

When I was in 9th grade, in Mr. Anderson's World Studies class, we had one day where we read about garbologists. It was the most intriguing lesson to me as I learned there were people who literally dove in piles of trash (wearing full bodied suits) and studied it. What?
Okay, whoa, this dude, is NOT in a full-bodied suit. Totally not what I would sign up for!

They showed a picture of a head of lettuce that had been sandwiched in a garbage pile for who knows how many years, and it was still green because of lack of oxygen! However, they showed another picture next to it showing it had turned brown only minutes after being out in the open. Needless to say, I once wanted to be a garbologist.

Seattle really has started turning me green. I love recycling! Honestly, I really feel like I am personally making a difference, and I am glad Seattle has the resources to recycle so much.

I think my youngest brother, who lives in Utah, should do his eagle project on recycling. Seriously. I think if more people were aware of it and knowing how relatively simple it is, they would hop right on it. It would also be eventful and exciting to visit a recycling plant and see how it operates. Facilities will respond if there is more growth in recycling.
And, because I am on this topic, let me plug for all ye Seattle city voters out there: Awareness promotes change. Forcing a 20 cent/bag fee on customers will not promote change, only chaos. More and more people are using reusable bags because they want to. Many stores will give you credit for them, and there are plastic bag recycling bins in grocery stores as well, if you have excess.

I never planned on buying a reusable bag until I had to walk home with a lot of groceries. All of the sudden, 4 plastic bags worth fit into one, and was much easier to handle. I am reminded of a Barney episode (yes, I would watch it with my younger brothers years ago). One of the characters, Kathy, was demonstrating to her other friends how she was being energy efficient. She acted out a scene where she had just come home from the grocery store and was putting away her groceries and then washed her hands afterwards.

They commented on things like, "You turned off the water while you washed your hands with soap!" and, "You shut the fridge door while you were searching for things to be put away!"

Just when they thought they had everything, Kathy said, "You forgot one more thing!"
All the other actors looked around at one another in bewilderment, when Kathy answered, "I also used a reusable grocery bag!" and, I don't remember how it ended but I am sure all of her friends applauded and they sang some song and danced around, and ...you get the point.

Anyway, my friend Cathy wrote a blog about The Green Book that talked about waste reduction and energy savings, etc... I read some of it, although, I didn't really like the format of the book so I never finished it. However, it was her blog (and the voting) that inspired me to write this post and to highlight a few goals during the next couple months that Richard and I make to be more Green! What successes or efforts do you make to being a little more green or energy efficient in your day to day actions?


Layla said...

Seattle has made ma a green nut case too. Whenever I got to Utah I always complain about there being no recycle bins. I agree with you on the plastic bag act, but I'm kinda curious to see how it would work out. Maybe like an experiment for a month, but not forever?

Nancy said...

I was wondering what your opinion on the bag tax was since you said to vote no to it. I didn't really see you as a "getting rid of plastic is dumb" kind of person, but I can see how a 20 cent tax would be a useful tool to begin training people.

Of course, people still smoke...and how much are the taxes on cigarettes?

Anyway, if that didn't make sense it's because I was up until 2 AM and then a little angel ran into my room at 5:45 telling me all sorts of secrets and asking to get up (I told that angel to go back to bed, and she did...in ours).

CathyAnnie said...

You made me feel:

1. Honored that I "inspired" you, although it sounded like you were doing fine before me :)

2. Guilty because I haven't really done much since that post...

Thanks for kicking me back into action! :)

MidSpeck said...

Logan, Utah has a good recycling program.

The Wendler Family said...

Garbologist?! Even with a full body suit I don't think I would dream of being that... Props to you for your willingess to wade in trash!
Alright, here is the deal. Utah charges for recycling. It's not much so we signed up. Tim, being from OR was completely flabergasted when he found out that we had to pay extra to recycle. I'm pretty sure its because not enough people down in UT think that it is worth it and so in order to process the stuff, they have to add an extra charge. We like seperating our trash to recycle, and like you, get warm fuzzies feeling like we are making a difference!! Even if the world wasn't running out of resources, it would still be worth it. Like the prophet said, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!"

Suzy said...

Great post. I'll do more.

Nancy said...

Oh, by the way. Cloth diapers are amazing, I think. :)

It was hard for me to cart out a big bag of stinky diapers every few days, knowing that they'd just end up in the landfill...one of our main motivators for switching over, actually.

Calley said...

Inspiring. Do you know how proud Barney must be of you right now??? I imagine he cried happy tears when he read this post.

Marika R. said...

I totally remember that sick lettuce pic!!!

Nice post, unfortunately, I live in a city in dumb ol' Utah where recycling isn't an option at all, sad, huh?!

The reusable bag thing is something I participate in, and I also save energy by doing stuff like turning on a lamp instead of an overhead light, using low-e bulbs, and sitting in my office with the lights off. Okay, maybe that last one was because it's more nappable if I do that...

PS: There were no pictures of small people on this post, so I take my "nice post" back.

Marika R. said...

PS to the PS: Walking home from the grocery store couldn't get any better than putting your groceries into IKEA bags (the ones you buy)--The soft shoulder straps work out great!