A morning at the Locks where we observed the salmon traveling on the fish ladder. A few of these salmon were exceptionally large. It was pretty amazing!

This young boy has finally started to play on the swings. He has never been fond of them, so it's nice to see him enjoy them now (as long as he's on his tummy).

Richard works near Snoqualmie Falls and the old trains. We enjoyed walking around and gazing into some of them one afternoon. I mostly adore this pictures because Richard looks so sharp. Michael on the other hand, is still wearing his pajama shirt because it was a rough day, and I justified it because we were going to see the trains later anyway. 


50 Bar Challenge

Update: It's still Friday, and I've got 40 bars to go! That's absolutely fantastic! If you don't want to pay shipping (by buying through the site) please tell me what you'd like, and I'll get the product to you. Thanks for all of you that have gotten this competition off to a great start!!!

I promise you that my blog will not be completely overrun with Scentsy products now. It's just new, exciting and on my mind 99% of the time as I'm getting this business rolling.

My Star Director has challenged me, and others to sell 50 Bars in 5 days. I know I can do it, and the competition aspect is really driving me! I am so happy I signed on right when the fall fragrances came out, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of scents that you just love. My favorites are: Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Roll, Coconut Lemongrass, and Kahiko Hula (pineapple-scent).

Scentsy bars come in over 80 flavors. $5 each, 3 for $14, or 6 for $25.

In short: Scentsy is a really neat product that is super simple to understand. A Bar has 8 cubes of wax, each cube giving approximately 25 hours of fragrant melting time. You just place a cube into one of the warmers to melt the fragrant wax, and walah!--your home will smell fabulous. It's a candle without the flame, and the wax cannot burn you which is important to me with having a 3-year-old running around. Their stinkin' cute holiday selection is now online too.

Call or message me, or order online at https://dianaanderson.scentsy.us/Buy?partyId=52163557

I will be placing an order as soon as I hit my 50 Bar goal! Thanks, friends!



Just a few of the wonderful things I've done this week:
• Made a new batch of homemade laundry soap

• Baked Peach-Mango & Cream cupcakes for a holiday/birthday celebration with friends.  These cupcakes have been on my radar for a year. It was about time.

• Canned 20 pounds of peaches in record time with Richard's help

• 4 sunny days at the park

• Saved $24 with coupons in one transaction at Target, getting 6 items free. :)

• I AM NOW A SCENTSY CONSULTANT! Have you heard of them, or used Scentsy products before? I'd love to know. I really like their products, and am excited to be a consultant for them. View my website to see what it's is all about: https://dianaanderson.scentsy.us/ 

I'm trying to get started with hosting some parties and introducing the products to those who have never had them before. So far all the feedback I have heard is that people "love their Scentsy" which makes things pretty relaxed for me.

Please, please, please if you want an excuse for a girl's night, or already have something going on and you'd love to have a Scentsy sampling on the side, let me know! Obviously I'm talking Washingtonians here, but if anyone wants to host an online party, we can arrange that and the host can receive free products as well! Think Christmas gifts--I know I am!
Electric Warmer. Keep it plain, or apply a DIY Theme
This is a DIY Theme Pack under the Close-Out tab. 
I love this one a lot! 


My Crafty Side

Look what I made recently! I actually created this morning & night routine chart several months ago, but wanted to get it laminated before I actually put it to use. However spending the money on laminating didn't fall under "need" in my budgeting. So I was excited to receive some birthday money, and headed to the print shop! (Huge splurge, right?) 

Each rectangle is laminated separately and I have extra blank sheets, so I can add/take away things as necessary. Michael for now is just using a small magnet to mark his spot. He was so enthusiastic about it this morning, which made me super happy. No negotiating about sitting on the potty, or eating his breakfast before playing. And, of course, it was nice to start the day with a hug & kiss. I have high hopes that things will go really smooth for the bedtime routine as well.

The other activity I am super excited to show off is a Preschool Pack that I printed from Homeschoolcreations website. When I spotted the Star Wars one, I knew Michael (and R) would be in love with it.

The entire pack includes tracing, measuring and counting exercises. Michael's favorite thus far is the matching games. In the following pictures he is matching up the featured shapes with the word. And yes, he is sitting at his own makeshift school desk.

So, maybe we didn't get completely dressed this morning.

I printed it at home on regular printer paper, but next time I will take a file to a print shop to use their ink and get some of it on cardstock. I put the write-on pages into sheet protectors so Michael can use dry erase markers. It all took me less than 24 hours to put it together, and this is just one of many themes. I thought it was super cute.