@ the beach

Jonette and Chris invited us for a picnic at the beach nearby. Fortunately there was a bunch of cloud cover for the first little while we were there, but it wasn't long until the sun came out in full bloom warming up our bodies and the sand to unbearable temperatures. Okay, I'm being dramatic. But, it was hot. And, I didn't really dress for the occasion considering I don't own a swimming suit. And Richard no longer fit in his. Fortunately, he can wear any shorts, and it's appropriate. I, on the other hand, can't just wear shorts.
At one point, we ventured over to the seaweedy part of the beach. It was very squishy, and a little icky on our feet. I couldn't stand it very long, so I went back to the nicer area and Richard continued to scavenge under rocks finding mini crabs that would hang on him. Too bad I didn't stay long enough to get pictures of that. Michael liked the seaweed area because that is where all the birds hung out. He would walk after them, but couldn't get them.

See that boy in the background holding the football? He accompanied us to the beach. He's 10. Do you remember being 10? Hang out with a 10 year old, you'll probably remember.

What better way to cool down, then by stuffing your face with delicious, juicy cantaloupe.


Nancy said...

I remember Phillip at age 10 very well. :)

PS. Get a swimsuit, girl!

CIB said...

Ah... such good times. I don't think you were being dramatic when you said that they sand was unbearably hot. It was very very very hot. Thanks again for coming with us, and enjoying a wonderful Saturday picnic!

The Wendler Family said...

I love the beach! How fun!
Amelia asks to go to the beach almost every day. She's never been. Hope we get to take her soon.