Ice Ice Baby

It has been so stinkin' hot in our apartment the past two days. We don't have air conditioning, just one fan. It was so incredibly hot last night, even with our windows open. We went on a walk yesterday, hoping that an outside breeze would be good for us. We walked to a nearby park and just watched people, and then came back home. Then we filled ziploc bags with ice and just held them against our necks, or on top of our head to help cool ourselves down while we watched "The Bourne Ultimatum." Douglas also liked grabbing at our bags of ice, however I don't think he expected it to be so cold.

So, did that last sentence trick you out? Haha, I called him Douglas. Sometimes I like to do that. Our baby has a double life, kind of like Superman/Clark Kent. He is 'super baby' when we call him Douglas. And yesterday, he was a super baby, because even though it was so stinkin' hot, he didn't complain once. (Is he really my child?)

So today, we made sure to keep all of our blinds shut, and limit any sunshine into our household, but sure enough by 1 pm we were all sweating. So, a couple hours later, we loaded everything up and headed to the mall and after three hours of air conditioned glory, we came back home to a still hot apartment, although it cooled down significantly.

And then tonight, we had another ice-capade. For Family Home Evening, Richard and I discussed "preparedness" and after my lesson, we both put "ICE" numbers into our phone.

Do you know what an Ice Number is?

PS-Douglas is now a rolling boy! Super baby has mastered the stomach to back roll, and vice-versa. He's our little Rolly-Polly bug.


Spaghetti Anyone?

Speaking of funny videos, I just had to add this one too.


Richard and I are watching American Funniest Videos together right now. We like watching this show together, and laughing together.

The other week, we were watching Family Feud (and other game show clips) via youtube and another site that just highlighted dumb answers contestants had given shows. We were laughing pretty hard at a lot of them! Here was one of our favorites.

I love it because the 2nd girl has absolutely no idea what is going on!



Pessimist: Saturdays can be So lame in the Anderson Household. We don't really do much.
Optimist: But, then we went to Puyallup to play with Jessie and Ryan.
Pessimist: We were going to pick up some pizza from Costco, but they were closed (by 7)
Optimist: We went to Safeway and got some instead.
Pessimist: It didn't taste as good.
Optimist: But we had yummy raspberry lemonade.
Pessimist: Dinner was over. (Okay, I just had to think of something to put here.)
Optimist: We decided to play a game--The Bean Game aka, Bohnanza
Pessimist: Richard wouldn't trade with me.
Optimist: Jessie would.
Pessimist: I began to get too competitive and grumpy.
Optimist: Ryan pulled out some Tillamook ice cream.
Pessimist: I lost the game--badly.
Optimist: It was finally over.
Pessimist: Saturdays can be so lame sometimes.
Optimist: But, overall it was really fun.

Anyway--that was me yesterday. I was happy, mean, kind, grumpy, fun, rude.
Sorry, Jessie and Ryan, that I got so grumpy. I think I should just be like my dad and just not play games anymore.
But they are so much fun...

..when I win.


The Other Love of my Life

Today, Richard and I went to Costco, and that's when I saw:

I sat in it for a very, very long time and let it give me a massage. Why go get a $50 massage somewhere, when you can go to Costco and get one for free?


Pictures and Stuff

Richard has just completed his first semester at the Art Institute. He thinks he did really well in all his classes. He's certainly been busy with them. Now he has one month off, before he starts up again. We've already planned some things to do. It's summer time weather--we've got to get out!

I've also attempted to take some more "professional" pictures of Michael. They are OK. He just never seems to want to smile when I try though. Bummer.

We've had a really fun, busy weekend. On Father's day, we went up north and had dinner with Richard's cousins and Grandma. I like them all a lot. We had a yummy bbq dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert (Richard's favorite). And then we all played the Bean Game (aka Bohnanza). I haven't played that game for the longest time!

Then yesterday, we travelled down to Enumclaw. We visited with Sister Mahelona, and then hung out at the Bumstead's for the rest of the day. We took some family pictures in their beautiful yard, played the LOST board game, had dinner, and then Richard and Andrew played XBOX down in the movie theatre. (Yes, they have a mini-movie theatre in their house. It's pretty neat.) I stayed upstairs and played with baby, who got scared in the dark theatre, and I just visited with Diane (Andrew's mom.)

Here's some of our family pictures.

I really like the background in this picture, but unfortunately the lighting was bad, and if you notice, Michael started spitting up during this picture. :)



My little boy is the most adorable thing walking on this planet....except, he's not walking yet. So maybe I should rephrase that sentence: My little boy is the most irresistible thing on this earth.

The other day, I was watching a show and rocking him in my arms. He fell asleep, and I held him for a half hour or so. Well, when I eventually laid him on the ground, this is what his ear looked like. It had been folded, and smashed up against my arm and it stayed that way, until we unsmashed it from his head.


Guess what my baby did?

He slept last night from 10-7 am. 
Went back to sleep by 8:30 and didn't wake up until 1:30pm.
And then back down for a nap by 4.
Amazing sleeper eh?






Just for fun


Happy Bathing Baby

I have tried very hard to keep Michael on a regular schedule since he was about 2-3 weeks old. This consisted of feeding him every 2.5 hours, but also trying to not allow him to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time. Being on a schedule has worked well, and made things much more predictable, and I felt I could plan my daily activities accordingly.
Anyway, this week I have just been off schedule. I feed him when I think he might be hungry. I've stopped looking at the clock, and so I don't know how much time he's going between sleep. I just start to rock him when I sense he's getting tired. To be honest, I like him being on a schedule much more. He seems much happier. But I don't know...because he's also been sleeping through the entire night these past few days. Last night was wonderful. He slept from about 10-9am! I was even awake before him feeling very well rested.

So, I don't really know why I feel so inclined to tell everyone about our schedule. But, I just am...

We call this his "Supermodel Pose"--of course, he's missing the six pack, but that doesn't mean he lacks those ab muscles! 
Bath time is a fun time. Michael loves taking baths. He's started kicking, splashing, and smiling. The other day I put him in the water, and at first he held very, very still.
"Michael!" I said, "You're in the tub. Why aren't you splashing tonight? Are you tired?"
Michael just stared at me of course, arms above his head. Then, he hit one of his arms into the water, splashing some water onto his face. At that moment, he got this large smile on his face and began kicking and splashing.

What an adorable baby.