Thanksgiving Dinner

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the day up at Keith and Lisa's (Richard's Aunt and Uncle's home.) I loved being there. They have such a relaxing, fun, and good spirit in their home. 
The Food was SOOO yummy. The company was great! We had a good game of Bohnanza (I love this game). I was sad when the day ended.

Keith was trying to teach Michael that olives go on your fingers. However, Michael just wanted to eat the olive. I was thankful that Keith wouldn't let him, but Michael WASN'T very thankful for that. I'm sure it won't be long until Michael will love having olives on his fingers.
Don't you think Richard looks so nice in this shirt? :) Wives make their husbands dress up. 

Great-Grandma Hart and Michael in his Thanksgiving outfit.

For some more pictures, visit the Schenk's blog.


Just Some Thoughts

This post is really just a random compilation of thoughts and stories.

Today I received a letter in the mail from Chase Credit Card. They said they had received my recent application, but they couldn't approve it until I sent in verification to them-namely proof of residence and a copy of my social security card. Pshaw. They did a good job with their letter layout-looked very legit. But I guess these scammers have a lot of practice. I Googled the address they listed on the bottom and instead discovered a lot of people who had similar letters arrive in their mail. 

I just spent the last 20 minutes rocking my sleepy baby. He is very cute. So very cute. We've also tried to teach him the word "up" whenever he wants to be picked up, or when he pulls himself up onto things. And he's started saying it! He'll say "up-a" when he pulls himself up. He hasn't really connected it to picking him up though. 

I'm catching a cold again. I swear I just got over one.

We want to see the new movie "Bolt." Does anyone else think that movie seems so cute?

I am really grateful for our country. I feel fortunate to be born here and grow up here, and raise my kids here.

Richard wants us to have twins-a boy and a girl so we can name them "Luke" and "Leah" (no, not Leia, I wouldn't allow that.)

There is a frequent Safeway customer I know, who always has coupons. Always. I don't know where he gets them all. But he always bases his shopping around them. Today his ordered rang up to over 50 dollars. But with his coupons, and credit for bring reusable bags, he got his order down to $9.11. I wanna be like him. (or like my dad)

Well, I'm going to bed now. Gnight.


Birthday Surprise

Today is Richard's 25th Birthday. 
You may remember my first surprise-IRONMAN. Richard found the dvd *less than 24 hours*after hiding it, and he wasn't even looking.

This wasn't the only surprise he ruined (unexpectedly, I may add).

I also planned on taking Richard to Wendy's for his birthday dinner.
We used to go to Wendy's quite a lot when we lived in Provo. However, we hadn't even gone once since living up here. NO JOKE-The DAY after I thought of this idea, Richard and I were out running errands together. When we were done, instead of heading towards home, he made a different turn and drove right to Wendy's! He said, "We haven't gone once since moving here. I thought it would be a good end to our day together!" I couldn't believe it!

Lastly, for sentimental reasons, I was going to buy some IBC rootbeer for him.
In a creative response to him asking me on my first date, I bought some IBC rootbeer for him, and left a note saying, "I B C'n you at the football game" So, how was this surprise ruined? Last week, there was a sale on 2 liter bottles of pop. But 3 get 3 free. So, Richard came home with LOTS of rootbeer.

After this incident, I just came out and told him all my other thoughts and surprises for his birthday, because I couldn't handle it anymore! It was all way TOO funny. So I made one more trip to buy him a present. You'll never guess what I got him. Except, I'll just tell you cuz I don't care--a toothbrush. Yes, Richard, you get a new toothbrush for your birthday. 

Happy Birthday Silly Man. 



I have been on and off the computer all day. I always make the same rounds when I get on too. Check my emails, check the blog, check all my friend's blogs, and then facebook. Usually nothing has changed. I haven't gotten an email, comment, or wall post. So I just close out of the browser, just to come back an hour later and check one more time. 


Baby's First Haircut

Before the cut.

Could be better. Could be worse.

All Finished!


Sunday Outfit

Warning: Handsome Stuff Ahead:
Jenine Mahelona stopped by with a Sunday outfit for Michael. Isn't is absolutely adorable??? I've taken way too many pictures to post. 

To be continued....


Go to Sleep

When your baby was, lets say about 9 months old--what was his/her bedtime like? Did he/she cry a ton in the crib, while you listened in the other room? Or did you rock them until they were asleep in your arms? Or do you just let them stay up until they just crash? Bedtime rituals? I want to hear it all. 


Today was the first day of the rest of my life

We did it! We voted! Even Baby got a sticker. 

I am so excited this campaign has come to a close for a few reasons:
1. The political ads will end.
2. We can finally see the winners.
3. The political ads will end.

There were two candidates running for governor. I disliked both of them, mostly because of their relentless beatings and cruel remarks towards one another. Even in their debates, they never seemed to state what they would do for the state, (no pun intended) but only what the other wouldn't be doing. Needless to say, I think Richard would make a better governor. So, I wrote him in. 

As for the President, I think you would be a better candidate--so I wrote your name in too. Congratulations! Can't wait to have dinner with you at the white house.