Birthday Boy

It was Richard's birthday on the 20th and we celebrated by having a little get together with friends and family last Sunday. I tried to use a little creativity and make a cute Star Wars cake to celebrate the child within Richard. He thinks that 24 is just too old.

I bought him a Seattle Seahawks jersey for his birthday present. We like that team--well, I mostly like them just because he likes them. On the other hand, my little brother Philip doesn't like them, but I think that's just because Richard likes them. Haha. Oh, I think he is so cute wearing it, but I do think he looks really little in this picture. Maybe I'll buy him some football pads for Christmas, to wear underneath.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Richard. I would post a small movie clip of the girls upstairs singing Happy Birthday to Richard before they went to bed, but I'm not that blog savvy yet-and don't know really know how to do that.


I Got a Haircut

And then I got camera happy.

And because Suzy claims this is just a pregnancy blog, I decided I would add another picture of my little tummy to the collection.


Blogs are Distracting

Basically, I was doing so well at writing my research paper. I was on a roll with all my thoughts being wonderfully organized, and I was making good use of my sources which I must cite. But then I took a small break to get something to eat, change out of my clothes that are becoming much too tight, giving Richard a kiss, and then I decide to check my email just one more time for the night (even though it must be my 5th time today). And now I don't really feel like I'm in the groove of paper writing anymore. Thanksgiving time is stressful educationally. Everything is due next week, I swear!






Considering Richard's fascination with HALO 3-the new XBOX game, I suggested that Richard dress up as a character from it for Halloween. Little did I know all the work he would put into it. He spent hours shaping wire and cardboard to fit on his body, and on top of that we spent even more time hardening these pieces by paper mache. Then he applied the paint and details, and *walah* we have Master Chief. He looked pretty darn cool.

When he went to work in his costume, everyone just stared at this tall, looming, green cardboard man, with a cool mask. His coworkers whispered, "Who is that?" and "Whoa, that's sweet!" He won "the most original" category in their costume competition. Yay!

On a final note, we'll sell you the costume if you want it. :) Assembly Required.


Baby Names

Well, I'm glad that Richard scanned in those ultrasound pictures, because I can't seem to find them anymore. But, we have new ones anyway. Douglas Michael (yes, that Not-a-Triplet is a boy) wiggles in my tummy a lot. I like knowing he's there. I am beginning to grow more fond of the name Douglas the more I say it, and think that I want to call him Douglas when he is born. But of course, Richard wants him to be called Michael, so I'll probably end up saying Michael too. You can call him whatever you want--just be nice.

PS-I married an artist. He is so cute.


We're not going to have Triplets?

Diana called me today as I frantically worked at Logoworks. I was taking Chats and answering phones more than usual because there was a big meeting. I had to, with one other person, hold down the fort. It was crazy but rewarding. So Diana calls me and says "We're not going to have triplets?", and hangs up the phone. My mind starts racing. Does that mean we are having twins!? I call her back and ask "Are we having twins?". "You would like to know wouldn't you", responds DIana. By now its killing me. Then she tells me we are not having twins. Neither do we know whether it is a man or woman.

I think its a little man. He's about 3 inches long, and thats just the start. The Doc says he'll be a long baby. Everyone always tells us how big our kids are going to be. Hopefully he is not 42 inches like Jacob guessed, or 12.6 punds like Phil guessed on our guessing game. That would kill my sweet wife.