Michael's 2nd birthday

We've changed approximately 4, 386 diapers in the last 2 years. If that ain't love....
I got Michael a small cake for Valentines day--not a birthday cake, but cake just the same. Sesame Street cupcakes to come!
Happy Birthday Sweet Baby, we love you!

Opening a present from our neighbors, Rick and Charlotte.


Daddy-Michael time

Throwing balls and such--basically doing things that Mommy and Daddy think are just adorable


How I know he's awake

This is one of those toys that has been around since Michael was 5 months old. When the battery died months ago, we didn't bother to replace them, but once we did it become a favorite toy all over again. Surprisingly, the music doesn't bother me one bit (unlike some other baby toys)-and sometimes gets me dancing too :)


Penguin Bowling

If any of you know Michael, he likes to throw things. Anything. And he was getting more and more powerful with every throw. So, for Christmas we thought it would be a good idea to find some items that would allow him to throw--but with direction, aim, and a reason.

The Mahelona's surprised Michael with a mini basketball hoop. I have taught Michael when I say, "Block!" to raise his arms. However, he hates it when I "block" him while he is shooting, even if I'm all the way across the room. I'm just that good at blocking him, I guess.One of my new favorites (and his too) is a penguin bowling set. There are 6 plushy stand-up penguins, and a light ball that has entertained Michael very much! Overall, I think these toys were great choices and definitely age appropriate. Now, he also understands it's okay and continues to be fun to throw balls, but knows that he will go to timeout if he throws other objects across the room.