Michael's Talent



Oh Brother

The following conversation just took place. If any of you know my brother, Philip then you might agree.

After an incident...
Diana: (To Richard) I'll say sorry at the same time as you, okay?
Richard: Okay.
Diana: 1. 2. 3. 
Then at the same time...
Richard: Sssss...   Diana: Sorry.
Diana: You punk.
Richard: (Laughing) Haha, I just pulled a Philip!

I remember getting in trouble along with my older brother, Steven.  I don't remember the specific action we were being punished for, but my mom put us in chairs in the kitchen and told us we couldn't move from them unless we got permission from the other and said sorry. Being very stubborn, we didn't want to give permission to each other without getting the chance to leave the seat also. Steven fooled me into saying he could go first, promising to give me permission right after. Apparently, he was crossing his fingers, because he just stood up and left. I just cried. 

My brothers think they are so sneaky.

And apparently, so does my husband.


Motivational Speech

Sometimes I lack the motivation to go on a walk. 
Like, right now.
It's just to the library.  It's not that far away. But far enough, that I keep trying to talk myself out of it.
But overall, I know that it would be to my benefit.
How do you motivate yourself to do things, especially when you keep trying to talk yourself out of it? 
And now, another Michael picture to top off the post. I love his plaid pants.


Richard's Reaction

Refer to the picture in the previous post of Michael eating peas. We know it's not the cutest picture. Well, just barely, I had our blog up and Richard caught a glimpse of the picture and this is what he said,  "OOHHH! Ew! Who was that?"
"Who was what?"
"The picture of a kid with green all over his face."
I went back to the picture, and then pointed at Michael.
Richard: "Noooo!"



Church was so good today. Michael is generally very good, today especially, which allowed me to chime in to the lessons. In sacrament the speakers talked about heeding the words of the prophets. They both did a very good job, and made me excited to prepare to listen to conference in October. Having living prophets today is such a blessing, and they give us direct instruction and revelation from God. And in Sunday school we talked about Nephi warning the people of prosperity leading to pride. These lessons always make me double check myself: Am I getting too carried away with everything I have? And I guess I didn't pay that much attention in Relief society, because there were too many kids running around swapping slobbery toys. It was just a little distracting. And poor Michael, can't chase after the kids who steal his toys. (Actually, I don't think I mind that he stayed put. Well, except for the little while that he would crawl backwards underneath Rory's legs. Haha, sorry Rory!)

Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work today. I normally have Sundays off, but...oh well. So, Richard dropped me off at work, right after church. Time went by very quickly--hooray! I've never had a job where it has been open on Sundays--strange huh? So, in that respect I've always found it very easy to "keep the sabbath day holy". Although, I didn't feel all of the sudden "unholy" just because I went to work. I don't feel like writing anymore on that topic though.

I'm not a very exciting or creative writer. I know. You should read my journal. It gets very confusing.

Well, last of all. When I came home, there was a moving truck in front of our apartment. I was so excited! Our new downstairs neighbors were moving in! So, I went inside and told Richard and he went out and helped them move their belongings up. I went out there and met the dad and daughter. The dad's name is Hormoz. The daughter's name is also something different. I can't remember it. And I never met the mom or the brother. Anyway, then I stayed out there and chatted with the apartment managers. I was feeling very social. Working at a grocery store has helped me spark random conversation I think.

And then we had yummy tacos for dinner, while Michael enjoyed his less-than-yummy sweet potatoes. Thus the reason most of it ended up on his bib, I guess.

This picture was actually taken when he ate peas, but you get the picture.


Michael's Favorite Toy

Michael has taken quite a liking to the TV remote. He's also learning how to crawl. You can see some of his progress in the videos. They really aren't that exciting or funny to the average viewer--but I'm posting them anyway. :)

See the lip on the picture above? He's been sucking in his bottom lip all the time lately. It's So Cute!

Michael Videos

Michael has developed a new thing--shaking his head back and forth. We tried to catch a few videos of it.


Put a cork in it

This is Michael's sign of "I'm done eating. Don't even try to put that spoon in my mouth one more time."