Michael's 3rd Birthday

Michael turned three years old in February. I would've loved to invite every person I know over for his birthday celebration of cake and ice cream. But, to be honest I was worried that I invited Too many people over. At one point, we had 24 people in our apartment. 10 kids, and 14 adults. It was a mad house, but very fun.

Here's the video of us singing happy birthday to him.
Michael's commentary after watching this video just barely, was as follows: "I don't want to blow the candles. That's yucky. I don't know how." Then he dramatically laid his head down on my arms almost like he was reliving the moment. Haha

He got a Pacman birthday cake, with mini cupcakes that were the ghosts since we like playing this version of Pacman together.
For his present, Richard bought him a Prince of Persia lego set. My gift to him is changing his diaper. Still. Aren't they supposed to be magically potty-trained once they turn 3?

Potentially annoying toys

Photo courtesy of Michael-as I rock out with him. ;)

I can't get enough of his dancing though. So, they're tolerable.



What is it about having a cute kids around that makes me want to pull out the camera?
A long, long time ago (or so it seems) our friends came up for a weekend visit. Michael and Jewell played a ton, and I babysat cute Ivy (or Mini-Jewell) for an evening. They are such cute girls.

Giving Sad Jewell a hug after her parents left for the evening.