Winchell's Donut House

I had a good birthday. I was very busy attending a Union meeting, getting my food handler's permit, and then going to young women's. We also had Red Robin for dinner and I received a free hamburger and ice cream. Michael freaked out when the group of waiters came a'singing and clapping their hands around our table. Silly boy thought all the attention was for him. :)

I also got my tickets in the mail to see WICKED! I got an awesome discount deal through work which I jumped on. Richard was planning on buying me tickets for my birthday but was looking to upwards of $100 dollars/ticket. PShhaw. No way, Jose! Luckily I saw this deal just in time! So Excited!!!!!
So, anyway, on the morning of my birthday, I dropped off Richard at his internship and drove directly to my meeting. Much to my surprise, as I drove down the street I spotted a Winchell's Donut House!

Why, do you say, is this place so significant? And especially why is it so ironic that I see it on my birthday?! Long ago, like 23 years ago to the day, my mommy went into labor with her favorite child: me! (It's my blog, I can wish what I'd like!) My dad and mom dropped my older siblings off with Grandma and headed on their way to the hospital, but not without a quick stop to Winchell's Donut House that they saw on the side of State Street. Richard believes that my mom ate a chocolate donut right before I was born and that is why I am a chocoholic. It's in my blood.

Nevertheless, I remember hearing this story repeatedly growing up. I don't recall going to a Winchell's, ever! But whenever we drove by, I'd hear or think about my mom getting Winchell's the day I was born. Honestly, I didn't even know these donut shops existed anymore, or were even known outside of the one store I knew in Utah. So, I knew it must be destiny or fate, and that the donuts were calling out to me on this very special day. We went back later and grabbed a 1/2 dozen donuts and they were the. best. donuts. ever! Decent prices too!
Michael really, really wanted a donut.

Stuffing his face with his donut.
Richard and I attempting to get a picture together. It hardly ever happens, truthfully.

And, finally, the birthday girl eating the tastiest donut. I don't know what the frosting was, but the nuts and filling were DEliCiouS!


Myrna said...

Happy Birthday, Diana! Fun post! And you will LOVE Wicked!! I just wish I could go again.

Hosander said...

There was a Winchells by Provo High, where the new Hogi-Yogi is next to Fat Cats. It was the preferred donuts of choice for sunday school treats

Erin said...

Happy belated birthday! Those are some cute pictures. And I agree, you'll love Wicked. I've seen it three times. I assume you have the soundtrack?

RORYJEAN said...

You're birthday sounds like it was a blast. I am so jeallpus that you get to go see Wicked- I've heard it is amazing. I love the doughnut story, too.

Brittney said...

talk about fate. that's freakin awesome!

Thanks for the advice woman. i will put it to good use I promise.

CIB said...

Hmmm... doughnuts... I could go for a doughnut right about now... instead I will have to make do with a Costco super muffin. Which is also very tasty.

summerbummer said...

yay! Happy Birthday, a few days late! I hope you LOVE Wicked (it looks like it might be pretty darn cute!) and i LOVE winchil's too-- your mom made a good choice on your birth day!