For a very long time now I have wanted a dress. I have plenty of skirt & shirt combinations, but have yet to find a dress that I absolutely adore that has the length to cover past my upper thighs. The other weekend, while shopping I kept finding some adorable clothes, but they were either too short, pricey, immodest, etc... Richard finally said to me, "You need to find someone who you like how they dress and ask them to go shopping with you."

So, I talked to Layla. Who. Doesn't. Just. Adore. Her?

And do you know what she told me? Eshakti.com

I'm in love. Never have I found in one location, so many dresses that I absolutely love. And they allow you to enter your measurements so they can make it to fit! I was using Richard's iphone when I first navigated the site, and I kept getting up all-giddy-like and showing him dress after dress.

Okay, so here are a few of my favorites minus the purple (I would choose a different color). Which do you like the most?