Save the Date

I once made a list of 50 things I want to accomplish during my lifetime. Some of these things include unreasonable wishes like going to outer space. Others are more reasonable like,... like... Anyway-so one of my goals, (#3 to be exact) is to have a large funeral. Although this isn't something I can accomplish in a 'lifetime' it's supposed to be motivation for me to meet and influence many people, so when I do die, eventually, I will have a lot of friends to attend my funeral. 

Well, if you're reading this, I am asking you to please come to my funeral. I don't know when it will be, but I have a gut feeling that it'll be soon. You see, Halloween is just around the corner, candy has gone on sale, and we bought some (a lot of some). And today, I ate 1/2 a bag of Kit-Kats, not to mention a few other delicious, yet highly unhealthy treats. And now, at the end of the day, I sense that my heart has taken enough. 

Yes, I know it will be a sad day when I leave-but maybe Nestle will host a celebration in honor of me, because I have been such a faithful customer and advocate of them for so long. 

Will you be there?


Family Visit

My mom and dad, and two younger brothers came up for the weekend! I was so excited for them to come. We visited the space needle, walked along the waterfront, visited the central library, and pikes place. Then the next day we visited the Lockes again, and saw some salmon making their way up the dam ladder to lay eggs. So cool!
However, all the outing pictures are on my mom's camera. I just have a few from home.

Michael's first picture with Grandma--He was so cute right before this, darn it! He was cuddled up to her so cute!

Michael's first reaction with Philip. 

Some more pictures with Grandma and Grandpa. (We all know this trip was all about the baby)

Philip being...Philip

Richard with his favorite Yard Sale Tie.



 I was trying to get some scrapbooking done, and baby was only wanting me to hold him. So, I decided to blow up a balloon for some distraction. He loved it! And crawled all over his room chasing it. 


6 random things. (a Tag)

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Random things about me. Beware.

1- I have a fear of driving/walking by garbage trucks. I also have a fear of sleeping with bobbypins in my hair.

2-I love dreams. Almost every morning when I get up, the first thing I tell Richard is all about my dream (s) I had.

3- Once I played the part of an Emu in a skit, and since then I have always liked Emus. 

How can you not love this adorable face?
4- I always get hungry the minute I get in bed at night. Ask Richard--our conversations always turn to what I am craving, and what I plan on making for dinner the next day. By the way, does anyone have any creative recipes that use asparagus in it?

5- I really want to play basketball or volleyball. I don't think I've touched either one of them sports in almost a year, so I'm sure I'm not that great, and need lots of practice. But I think it would be very fun to get a ward + friends group together to play. ....And a Dr. Mario competition would be suitable too. :) 

6- I like the idea of universal health care. But, I wonder if I'll still care for it in ten years time when Richard (hopefully) has a job, with provided insurance. 

And I tag...Jeanie/Trav, and Sarah. and who ever else wants to do this silly tag.


Stand Tall

No, he can't get up on his own, but when he's standing, he's does not want to be put down. We still have to stay close by him when he holds on to things, because sometimes his little legs will just give out on him. But overall, Michael is building strong legs. 

Bargain Shopping

I know. I'm a nerd. I'm posting my most recent grocery transaction. But guess how much this
 last grocery trip cost me?

Only $9.00! I had a savings of 69%. Whoo Hoo (wamu).


the IRONY of it all

I love birthdays. As a result, I've been making mental preparations for Richard's birthdayThe presents, the cake, the party, the excitement, the spoiling...the whole shebang.  Safeway was having a promotional buy for the DVD, Ironman. If I bought $40 in participating home care products, I could get the Ironman dvd for free. Well, luckily I needed paper towels, dish soap, and ziploc bags, etc..., and I knew Richard liked the movie, so I knew this was just the deal for me. 

Last night, I brought home the dvd and scouted out a hiding spot. Afterall, this gift has to stay hidden for over one month. There is a bag that sits on a lower shelf of a table beneath our bed. Although most of the items that belong in the bag are next to it, or in our livingroom, I decided still that this would be the perfect spot-(especially considering that neither of us have touched it in the last 2 months!) 

This morning, Richard started designating spots for all of his art and school work in our apartment. His organizing carried into our bedroom, where he decided to be a kind husband and help clean up. He cleaned off the top of the table, and looked beneath and said, "While I'm at it, I might as well put this machinery back into it's bag." Lo and behold, as he reached in he found the DVD! Of course, he tried to keep it secret from me that he knew.

Isn't that so ironic?

And then, of course, since I had NO idea, but was yet so secretly excited that I'd already started preparing for his birthday--during dinner I said, "So, are you so excited for your birthday?" 

And then the truth came out. My gift wasn't even hidden for more than 24 hours. He is now trying to prove that he shouldn't have to clean anymore, because it will just ruin surprises.

(And by the way--Happy Birthday Willie)

What the Deal?

Didn't you just love General Conference? It's so great that we are able to watch it over the Internet in our own homes as well. I don't know why this conference seemed so different to me, but it just did. I absolutely loved all the talks. Of course, I still have to watch the second session of it, because I was working then. 

Yesterday, between sessions, we went to an indoor "yard" sale. It was full of baby/kids stuff. I believe all money raised was going to a family operated preschool.  We got there at 11.50 and were informed that at 12 everything was going to be 1/2 off. During that ten minutes, we had our eyes on a convertible car seat. This was the main reason we went to the sale, in hopes to find one. Richard thoroughly looked it over, played with all the seatbelts, gadgets, buckles and determined it was good. The best part about it---WE GOT IT FOR ONLY $20.00! Then, we headed into the main room where we also found a baby bjorn ($2.50), a bag of toys ($1.00), and a shape sorter toy ($1.50). Do the math-we got some great deals.