You can't throw your window out the xbox!

Diana and I sat down this afternoon and were writing out some goals for the coming month. She has this bad habit of biting her nails. She also loves back massages. The Challenge: If she can go 3 days in row without biting her finger nails then I give her a back massage. She agreed and we wrote out a silly contract and signed it. Then I was joking with her and said that in the "fine-print" of the contract she would have to give me a back rub every time she bit her nails. Of course this did not fly with her. So she says "Honey, I can't change over night like you can't throw your window out the xbox!" Then we both just busted up laughing. Encourage my wife to not bite her nails, even though she is the only one who gets the back massage.


Mom G said...

Good job on motivating Diana not to bite her nails. I used to buy yucky tasting fingernail polish for her - but that didn't work.
The windows story reminds me of the time we were reading scriptures as a family and some one was reading 3 Nephi 24:10 and accidentally skipped a line of words, so they said, ". . . saith the Lord of ... windows of heaven ..." And then someone else piped up and said, "Isn't that Bill Gates?"

katyapetrovna said...

about back massage - i remember how diana said that she will give one black shirt which i really like for several massages! :) some things never change!

Diana said...

What shirt? Did I never give it to you??