My family went to Grover with the Heiss family. I love Grover. We nearly double the population when we go to visit. :) I love the hikes, the parks, the games, the squirrels, and the camping. Anyway, apparently while they were there last week, there were some "flash floods" that caused some red, dirty water. Here are some pictures my mom sent to me.


D. said...

The picture with Philip skipping a rock, is the "before" picture. The water is calm and you can't see the waterfall- just where it flows out. There is no water at all flowing down that big rock in front of him. Contrast that with the picture posted just above him. If Phil was still there in the same place, he would have been standing about where that pile of logs in the water is. It was interesting to watch that flash flood.
We were also reminiscing that last year at Grover is when you announced that you were expecting Michael.

Diana said...

Yup it was! I was going to mention that.