Graphic Stylization

I was on this ride of enjoying learning about WWII so I used that as inspiration for this Graphic piece.

For this project I wanted to show a kick butt graphic using Halo as a theme. To bad I didn't do this for the actual release of the game.

The whole class taught me other ways of doing graphics, rather than just overlapping pictures and layering them. I have been trying to use the things I learned when I do my work on logos and it has been wonderful to have this extra tool in my belt.


Jones M.D. Family said...

I love the wwII piece. Very inspiring graphically. Looks like you're learning a lot, i'm jealous. You'll have to show me your work at christmas!

Hope all is well. Miss and love you all.

Mom G said...

Very nice! Guess what, I just learned a new word relating to graphic design -- iconography - good stuff.