Like a 3 year old with scissors

This little guy likes to have his fingers in his mouth.

So call me a 3 year old with scissors, because this morning I decided that I wanted a haircut. So, I acted on this spontaneous thought, pulled out the scissors, and snipped away. I only made one pretty ugly mistake....which will definitely be the reason why one side of my hair will always be tucked behind my ear, until it grows out a little bit. I decided to stop after that, because I figured if I tried to fix it, it would possibly get much worse.

And last of all: Can you believe how much Richard has contributed to this blog lately? I am amazed. You should all leave him a comment under his posts, because getting comments makes him super happy. :)


sunlize said...

Haha. I cut my hair this past weekend too and got a little carried away with the scissors. Oh well, it will be a nice summer hair style. :)

The Wendler Family said...

you cut your own hair?!!! That is one thing I have never done! I need a hair cut so badly right now and am too scared to try the 3-year-old-with-scissors thing.

Canadian Dave said...

Your son's getting big!