Independence Day

I don't feel like reordering this pictures in the order in which they were taken.
This is Jessie and Ryan who celebrated the 4th of July with us. I say "celebrate" rather lightly though, because it didn't feel like a traditional "4th of July" to me--until 10pm when the fireworks were going off. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss waking up super early to get a spot at the parade, and watching the balloons, and the bbqs (although the Cheesecake factory was pretty darn good too.)

This is us chillin' on a hill waiting for the fireworks (for 4 hours...yeah, I don't have much more to say about that). We were deaf by the end of the 4 hours because the music was WAY too loud. But I will stop pessimising there. 

Fireworks-look much better in real life, wouldn't you agree?

Mama Sea Otter and her two babies basking in the sun. So cute! And finally--just a picture to prove we live in Seattle. 


Brittney said...

so fun! We have a wimpy show compared to what you got to see. But we did have lighting in the background!

Jeanie Nelson said...

Good for you for making it down to Pike's Place. The otters are really cool!

Anonymous said...

Or your husband is really good with photoshop!

Diana said...

Tee Hee Hee. You'll never know I guess!