Been having a think?

THe other day while working, a client wrote "Been having a think." That is exactly what they wrote in the box that tells me what to change on their logo. I didn't quite know what they meant exactly by that. I think they need to take a communications class or something. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share it.

On a better note baby did the cutest thing in sacrament today. As we sang the intermediate hymn, baby started singing along. He just made tons of cute noises. As soon as the song was over he stopped singing. He was a little off note, but with lessons he could be the next American Idol! Just kidding, but it was so cute.


Suzy said...

Richard- this post just inspired me so much I had to leave a comment. Here is the comment: I think the "Been having a think" phrase is kind of endearing. My boss said the funniest thing the other day. He was talking about a neighbor who "never opened a hole in his head" until he got really upset about something and "then he went off like a roman candle!"

The Wendler Family said...

oh tender! when they sing in church its all it takes to melt your heart! I'm sure he has a lovely singing voice. :)