Park Pictures

So Richard and I discovered that we live really close to a beach. Not within walking distance, but within a very short drive! Pretty crazy, fun eh? So one lovely afternoon we planned to go there and have a picnic. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was extremely busy and parking was atrocious. So, we decided to take a raincheck and visit the beach another day. Instead, we went to a nearby park, and enjoyed the shade.

I also swung with Michael for a while, and then put him in the baby swing by himself.
"I'm not so sure about this."
"Do I really have to stay in this thing?"
"Oh boy."
"I'll just suck my thumb 'til it's over."

And then, of course, daddy agreed to take some pictures because I've just gotta have them for these scrapbook & blog moments.
I really LOVE these moments where we get out together in the sunshine!


The Wendler Family said...

Oh my goodness! It looks like your family had such a great time! Little Douglas in the swing is too cute! Someday, he'll cry when you take him out. :) I hope the beach happens some other time. Oh I want to go to the beach...

adamkristalee said...

yea for swings!

Anna said...

the BEACH!?! hmmm... maybe i'll have to come visit! :) your family looks so happy and healthy - what a blessing!

Becca said...

Oh that is way cute!! Miss you guys!