Apples & Such

"Such" is such a weird word. Yet, I unknowingly realized I used that word twice in that last sentence. It just comes out. Seriously, how many times do you say "such" in your conversations?

I have to teach a lesson on Sunday. I hate feeling ill-prepared. Yet, I feel exhausted thinking about planning it.

I feel exhausted, period. I have been working many more hours than usual this month--which is fantastic, but I'm definitely feeling tired at the end of the day. We are so fortunate to have friends that help us out with babysitting too (as sometimes schedules clash for Richard and I) Thanks a billion, friends!!! Also, Richard got asked to do a tutoring job for an interior design class for the entire semester to help them with different design programs. That's a sweet tender mercy to keep us going....

...living in the moment.

I just bought 30 apples, because they are on sale for 58cents/lb right now. I'm planning on making some cinnamon apples, applesauce, and a little bit of apple butter. This will hopefully work out better than our last apple experiment--that left a permanent stain in our carpet from the blender lid exploding out from under my hand. Whoops.


Brian and Becky said...

That sounds like great fun! It froze here last weekend, so the orchard next to us were giving away free apples as long as you come pick them. So a few friends and I picked about 150lbs and stayed up all night making apple sauce, butter, syrup, and my favorite...apple pies!! YUM YUM!! I hope you have making everything!

Brian and Becky said...

PS-some really good friends of ours has to move to Seattle for a semester (to attend a few classes at UW). They are looking for housing and are struggling a little...do you have any suggestions?

Calley said...

And another PS, I'm sure you rocked your lesson. I bet those girls just love having you in there!