1010 is my favorite number. Therefore, today should be my favorite day of the year. Next year, will be even better. (10/10/2010). In fact, I just may have a party next year and if you're reading this, you are invited.

I was much younger than I am now, probably ten years old, when I was writing out a tithing slip for $10.10. At that point in my life, it was the greatest amount of tithing I had ever paid. (I must've been making bank!) :) And ever since then, I had claimed "1010" as my favorite number.

Apparently that moment was so significant in my life that it has been ingrained in my memory. So much that I can even remember where I was sitting when I was writing out the tithing slip.

Just thought I'd share.


Dorothy said...

I always wondered where you got that number from. I thought of you today when I realized today was 10-10. Plan on me for your party next year and you be sure to come to my party on August 9th.

The Wendler Family said...

What a great number. :) My favorite number is 8.
I really wanted Miles to be born on August 8th, but it didn't happen. He was born on the 12th. But did you know that he was 8 lbs 8 oz?! AND the day of his birth is the only number that was not 8 for his birthday. his birthday is 8/12/08, 8 lbs 8 oz. :)
Maybe you should plan to get pregnant and deliver in October, maybe around the 10th??! ;) But I hope for your sake, the baby wouldn't weigh 10 lbs 10 oz.

Amy said...

I LOVE this post!

It is fun to read random thoughts... and you are such a great writer!

1010 is a perfect number and I will think you whenever I see it.