To one of my bestest friends...

One of my best friends I've made here in Seattle has packed up her moving truck today and I am very sad to see her go. Her lovely family was truly an answer to prayer when we moved up here. I felt so comfortable around Jeanie from the beginning and I'm sad she's moving because it's just hard to come by friends like her. I loved having a friend whose house I could just go to for no apparent reason, just because I wanted to get out of mine for a while. Even if she was busy, she didn't care if I just lounged around. And every time we invited them over--or vice versa, she had cookies. Oh they are delicious cookies. Richard likes that Jeanie is a graphic designer and could give her genuine feedback on his work. Here is a link to The Paper Nut, her own business. It is some pretty neat stuff.

It's also pretty cool that her daughter is just two weeks older than Michael too. They got along great. It has been a blast watching the two of them play and learn things at a similar pace. They are SO adorable. Here's Jewell as I first remember her--look at that hairless head!
This photo was last Tuesday.
Now she has these beautiful red curls. And that is my friend on the left. :)
Anyway, I know that change will always come. But sometimes I don't like change. We just might have to move south to be their neighbors when Richard is done with school. Bye Travis, Jeanie, and Jewell!!! See you later!

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RORYJEAN said...

Sad! I will miss Jeanie, too. She is awesome.