Conference Continued...

I love how conference just answers every question. I thoroughly enjoyed the meetings today. I kept a paper by me because various thoughts kept coming and I thought, "Oh, I'll remember that..." but then I only one talk later I had forgotten. So, having that paper and pen was helpful.

I love how densely the spirit seemed to fill our apartment as we listened to the talks. It's like I just recognized that this is how my home felt growing up. At conference time, every radio and TV was turned so you could hear the leader's voices no matter where you were. At times I wouldn't be home during the Saturday session, but would come home in the middle of it, and just walking in the front door you just felt the spiritual nature of the home embrace you.

Of course, Richard and I were utterly silent as Elder Holland spoke during this final session, but Brother (was it?) Renlund's talk on Change of Heart was really motivating to me. Also thoroughly enjoyed Elder Oaks talk on Power of Law and Love. See, I forget so quickly! Time to rewatch!

Anyway, what story or talk really resonated with you? I'd love to hear!


Katie said...

I liked President Monson's talk on doing kind things for people. It made me want to implement the nightly question, "what did you do for someone today?"
By the way, Josh and I got a good laugh at Michael texting me. Not only is he computer savvy already, he knows how to text before he can say full sentences!

Katie said...

I got a text from Richard's phone that said "Mm" at noon on Sunday. I thought Richard may have responded to the wrong person about something tasty, but he blamed Michael.

Suzy said...

I love love loved Elder Oaks. and the two right after his. So good.