Balloon 2!

-Michael loves balloons. Evidence of his first interaction was posted here. It's funny how he still hasn't really caught on to look UP! Whenever the balloon goes above his head, he spins in circles looking for it.
-And speaking of "UP" (which we just love that movie), Richard has an app on his I-Phone where you try to pop as many balloons on the "UP" house as you can in a certain amount of time. Michael always gives this *gasp* when the main screen pops up. He likes that game.
-And speaking of phones, Michael loves pretending everything is a phone and will make his cute little noises while holding it up to his ear. He's recently used a calculator, and today his sippy cup was the phone.
-And continuing my thoughts on phones, do you remember the game "telephone"? You make a line of people and whisper something in the first ear, and pass it down the line and see what you come up with. I LOVE that game, however, I don't recall playing it as an adult. Too bad. Maybe I'll set up a game of telephone with the YW just for the fun of it. :)
-Oh yeah, see that blanket in the background. Thanks Karen and Reid. When they came up to visit, they brought up our Christmas presents. I've done really well at not opening ALL of them, yet.... I just can't take it!


Karen said...

So funny! As for the Christmas presents: Maybe I should have hidden the packages at Brock & Layla's to remove the temptation from you! So glad you like the quilt.

Mrs. Webb said...

Yeah, I'm just gonna delete them. I've recorded everything important into my journal, so I'm not too worried.