Hungry Anyone?

When Michael gets hungry, he'll vigorously starts sucking on his hand.  As his hands flail, they'll touch his cheek and he'll turn his head to catch it.

On a different note, we had a dozen apples in our fridge that we needed to put to use. Richard and I don't eat apples straight up very often, so I wanted to try to find some creative ways to put our apples to use.  I found a couple recipes, and the master chef came out of me. Haha, no, not really.  

The first recipe I tried was Bistro Apple Pizza.  It had a garlic oil base and spinach, topped off with cheeses and apples. I added some pineapple on my side of the pizza as well.  Ironically, we really liked the pizza, except for the apple part of it.  

The second item on the menu for the week was Apple Chicken Curry.  It was a very basic recipe with peppers, onions, curry, and rice.  Overall, it was probably my least favorite of the dinners, but mostly because there were too many apples in it.

The last recipe I tried was the one I was the most excited about: Apple, Potato, and Cheddar Soup.  To start, you saute a potato, some celery, and peeled apples together, and then simmer them in chicken broth for 45 minutes.  Then you are supposed to put this mixture into a blender to puree it.  This part turned out to be a disaster for our poor kitchen.  You see it in the movies all the time, where a character turns on a blender, the lid pops off, and the food goes flying right out of it.  Well, that happened to us. 

Anyway-after the cleanup, I took what we had left and added some heavy cream and the cheese, and walah! A soup!  It was actually pretty good--but needed something else--it was kind of tasteless at times.  Saltine crackers to dip in it would've been good.  

Well, that's the end of my experimenting.  I guess I'll just stick to using the rest of the apples in an apple pie--something I know tastes good.  


Anna said...

wow look how creative you are with the whole apple thing! what a creative housewife you have become! oh, and that thing that your baby does when he gets hungry and sucks on his fingers and turns toward them when they brush his cheek, is called a rooting reflex. that relfex usually disappears in 2-3 months. he seems to have it down pat! what a happy healthy baby! :)

The Wendler Family said...

Thanks for walking me through the commenting on your posts. Apple pie- you can't go wrong. When we have lots of apple we can't eat fast enough I can apple pie filling. I have a great recipe if you are interested the next time you find yourself knee deep in apples. :) I commend you for your bravery on trying those apple experiments. Oh, and I just love the video of you little boy!

Suzy said...

Dude. Seriously I'm impressed. Too bad you didn't have the camera turned on for the blender part- I'd want to see that! :)

Katharine said...

K, so Kayl sucks on his hand like that too, but he does it because of the HUGE tooth in his mouth. Michael is so cute. We move to a new apartment in provo on the 26 of this month and then i August we move to St. George. How are things in Seattle? I want to come visit you so bad.

Brittney said...

Madelyn does that too :) So cute. He's getting so big!

robinly said...

HAHAHA...tragic that the downfall to many of the recipes was the apple. I like the idea though...good work, nice and creative. PS: Your child is precious. Yep...it's true.