Food, Glorious Food

A recent Facebook status of mine stated, "I'm obese at heart." This thought stemmed from a recent temple session I attended, where the entire time my thoughts were on food. No joke. And when I'd try to focus, it wasn't long before I was thinking of chocolate lava cakes, pizza dough, and weekly meal plans to say the least.

In this post, I mentioned that my mind reverts to food when I lay down to sleep at night. This is no exaggeration. In fact, right now I am baking this in the oven, despite feeling sick with a cold that I caught from someone somewhere. This menu has been on my meal plan for too many days I just couldn't wait any longer to try it. 

I also made some delicious banana chocolate chip muffins the other day. That was before our apartment became so blasted hot every time we used the oven. Oh summer. We were and weren't looking forward to thee. 

This is what we did last year when we got so blasted hot in our third floor, sunrise apartment.

And when I prepared these veggies to be roasted, I had to take a picture, because they looked so colorfully beautiful and healthy to me.
And we served them with mushroom stuffed ravioli with a cream cheese, parmesan sauce (suggested by LaylaJ). 

And because someone keeps whining that I haven't posted a baby picture in a long time, here ya go:

He likes food too. 

Oh my gosh. I literally just pulled out my Italian chicken roll-ups from the oven, and they smell fantastically delicious. 

What are some of your favorite meals, or food obsessions? 


Marika said...

I like to eat a LOT of foods, and also have a food obsession, as you can probably tell by the frequent mention on my blog.

Some of my favorite foods to cook are chicken enchiladas and different kinds of soups.

My favorite things to eat, however, are...usually posted on my blog.

Dorothy said...


The Wendler Family said...

I swear we eat enchiladas and lasagna once a week. Can't get enough! and lately fajitas. So yummy! Oh, and I am officially obsessed with cookie dough ice cream. Can't get enough of the stuff.
Oh and I quite enjoy any kind of knock off of a thanksgiving dinner... I really like food.
The story about your temple session was hilarious!

Lisa said...

I love food too! And I love reading about your food. Thanks for the pictures and recipes!

Katie Wood said...

I end up craving tikka masala a lot, but I like it better than Josh does, so even though we can make it for relatively cheap at home (just plenty of time) he doesn't want it more than about once a month. I could eat it several times a week!