What's the deal?

What do 4 boxes of storage bags + 2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough + 1 bottle of Ketchup equal?
How about $2.27!
I absolutely LOVE when Albertson's has their "double your coupon" coupons. Previously, I printed off two $1 off/1 Pillsbury Simply Cookie Dough from coupons.com, and Albertson's had them on sale for $2.50. So double my $1 coupons, and well, you do the math. (50 cents a piece.) I also received quite a few coupons in the mail, one being a free bottle of Ketchup from Hunts. I probably learned about these available mail-out coupons from this site, or this one, or my new favorite one here.

As for the Hefty bags, Safeway had a buy 4 or more and get them for $1.25 each. I knew there were $1 off/1 coupons out there in previous newspaper prints, so I asked around, and my mom actually sent me 3 of the 4! Add tax, and there you have it! 25 cents a box-stocked up!

And for all you baby lovers

The end.


Lisa said...

Wow, Michael looks so much older in this picture!

Marika said...

Was that for me? Thanks!

Also, I agree. He looks like a boy more than a toddler!

The Wendler Family said...

That is so awesome! When I get things for good deals like that, I kinda feel like I'm stealing, but without feeling bad since this kind of stealing is not morally wrong. :)

Michael is adorable!