Albertson's Deal thru 7/21

Pardon another shopping post, but this was just too good NOT to share! See this order, I got it all for 8.96! That's like .64 cents for each item! The majority of that cost was the chicken breasts, which actually I shouldn't have gotten the Foster Farms brand, because the Albertson's brand was on sale for 1/2 the cost/lb. Doh! Oh well, I made up for it, by some other awesome deals. In order to do these transactions, you need to have multiple "double your coupon" coupon exclusively at Albertson's. If you can scrounge up about 7 of them, then follow my lead. (I had to make it three orders, cuz you can only use 3 doublers per order)

These pints of Breyer's ice cream are on sale for $1 each! Now that's a steal of a deal on it's own, but combine it with a coupon and get all 4 for free! Go here and print off $1/2 Breyer's coupons, (print twice if you want to purchase 4).
Here's my transaction:
Buy 4 pints Breyers, $4.00

Use two $1/2 coupons
Use two doubles
Grand Total: FREE!

And, the additional bonus is a catalina coupon will be triggered at the end of your transaction as listed here:
Buy (2) & get $2/3 Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, or Good Humor
Buy (3) & get $3/4 Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, or Good Humor
Buy (4) & get $4/5 Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, or Good Humor
Valid through 9/23/09

So, I plan on going back later this week, when they have more Reeses ice cream in stock, and getting 5 more pints with my catalina coupon, spending a total of $1 on 9 pints of ice cream. Then, I'll invite some friends over for an ice cream visit on a hot day!
Next deal: Softsoaps on sale for $2 each. I printed out two $1/1 coupons, and doubled both of them, and wallah, these two Softsoaps cost me .19cents!!! (And that's just cuz I had to pay the tax.)

And here's Michael playing with all the chocolate milk. Alright, so another splurge. But, who can pass up Nesquick for 25cents a piece! Recently there were coupons in the paper for $1/2 bottles of chocolate milk, so I bought 6 and doubled the coupons. You can read the details here if you wanna know more about it.

Finally, if you want to enter in a giveaway for a $100.00 Gift card to Albertsons, click here! I thought the giveaway suited this post real well!
Anyone else spot any good deals?


Amy said...

Great deals always make me smile. I will have to go to Albertson's!!

Thanks for sharing!

Petrea said...

You are an amazing shopper!! I should have had you to teach me how to do that when I had a house full of people to feed.

summerbummer said...

diana.. i do not understand how you find these amazing deals. teach me!

summerbummer said...

p.s... seriously, you should have a "learn to be a great-deal shopper" enrichment meeting or something.. or maybe that ice cream party....lol