Visit from Suzy and friends

Once upon a time, my sister, Suzy, and her two friends, Sara and Mel came for a visit. Despite spending a long weekend up here, I only have a few pictures to prove it. The first being a picture, I knew Mel would lovingly approve of me putting on my blog . Oh yeah, and that's my boy in the forefront. During their visit, we made a fun visit to the EMP/Science Fiction museum. Michael especially loved the music rooms where he could bang on the piano, and a table that played various instruments depending on what picture was showing. (I can't really explain that one.)

Bug-eyed Sara, Mel, and Suzy
My sister and me. I can't believe how much taller than her that I am. Grow Suzy, grow!
Michael LOVED having the girls here. Constant entertainers, and loving book-readers.
Oh, did I mention that Suzy and Sara both ran a marathon while here!? They made it in just under 5 hours, (I believe), and that is commendable in my opinion. They kind of make me think of running.

Kind of.


Amy said...

Hello Suzy! My goodness... you girls are beautiful!

Calley said...

And I just love how cute of a sistah/sistah combo you guys are. The end!

Suzy said...

I'm Suzy and I approve of this message.

Shaillé said...

Hey there, just checking up on you Andersons. :) That's great Suzy was able to come up to visit! And a marathon - wow! I would not have the motivation to train that much.

By the way, not sure if I ever answered your question way back when on my blog... Casey's an eye doctor in the Air Force - so his patients are all the airmen and their families. We were on a scholarship with the AF where they paid some of our schooling and we owe them 3 years back afterward.