My Ward

These are just some of the people in my ward that I have come to love so, so much. (That is what you get for putting your faces on your blogs--picture stealers like me!) I emphasize "some" because, obviously, my ward is much bigger than the few I picture here. I am so bummed that so many are moving away at such a rapid pace, or have already. But I am also excited at how many new faces I saw today! I have felt immensely welcomed from the first month I moved in, and although I've felt like the kazoo in a beautiful orchestra sometimes, I don't think I'm alone. We are all a bunch of kazoos trying to become better, and that just strengthens me.

I had two take 2 of Rory, cause they are just too hilarious!

Okay, so I know you're not in our ward--but close enough, Andy

Whoops, how'd that get there?


Nancy said...

I'm still laughing about those faces...how in the world?! Amazing.

Your ward is awesome. I totally understand the feeling of having everyone move away and leave you stranded. :( But cool people just keep replacing the people who left...there are so many fabulous people in the world!

I love your kazoo analogy, too.

RORYJEAN said...

Awwww- I feel so special- thanks for putting me on your blog! I am so sad to be moving away too because our ward IS awesome. But WE'll be close enough still that we can still come and stalk our old stomping grounds. And even though our ward is constantly changing because it's full of students and what not, the people who move in are always so great. At least I can still stalk your blog from Bothell!

Layla said...

Oh man our ward is awesome! Thanks for stealing my picture from my blog :)

54 canoe said...

Even though I'm technically a Shoreliner I often feel like a Greenwooder. It's kind of like when you sit on the BYU side of the stadium and root for Utah State.

lefty said...

Awww. For some reason your blog isn't coming up on my blog reader. I need to figure that one out. When I started reading this, I wondered if my face was going to be on her (because I'm very self-absorbed) and then thought: oh no! what if she did the sour cream face?! Thanks for just the regular face... :)
And you're right--our ward has some wonderful women--including you. I'm glad you're here.