Ice Ice Baby

It has been so stinkin' hot in our apartment the past two days. We don't have air conditioning, just one fan. It was so incredibly hot last night, even with our windows open. We went on a walk yesterday, hoping that an outside breeze would be good for us. We walked to a nearby park and just watched people, and then came back home. Then we filled ziploc bags with ice and just held them against our necks, or on top of our head to help cool ourselves down while we watched "The Bourne Ultimatum." Douglas also liked grabbing at our bags of ice, however I don't think he expected it to be so cold.

So, did that last sentence trick you out? Haha, I called him Douglas. Sometimes I like to do that. Our baby has a double life, kind of like Superman/Clark Kent. He is 'super baby' when we call him Douglas. And yesterday, he was a super baby, because even though it was so stinkin' hot, he didn't complain once. (Is he really my child?)

So today, we made sure to keep all of our blinds shut, and limit any sunshine into our household, but sure enough by 1 pm we were all sweating. So, a couple hours later, we loaded everything up and headed to the mall and after three hours of air conditioned glory, we came back home to a still hot apartment, although it cooled down significantly.

And then tonight, we had another ice-capade. For Family Home Evening, Richard and I discussed "preparedness" and after my lesson, we both put "ICE" numbers into our phone.

Do you know what an Ice Number is?

PS-Douglas is now a rolling boy! Super baby has mastered the stomach to back roll, and vice-versa. He's our little Rolly-Polly bug.


The Wendler Family said...

love the new layout- your so festive! Its not mean, I don't think. The cold will help little Douglas :) too.

OK, our house is officially an oven as well. Here are some tips we have used to survive.

1) Putting foil in our windows where the sun beats down. Shiny side out. It may look a little white trash but I am so past caring when my house is so hot I can't breath!

2) If you have a box fan, put it in an open window at night in the room you sleep in. The night air is usually nice and cool and it makes sleeping bareable. When the sun comes up, and starts to heat things up, take it out of the window and shut it, quick!

3) Drink all the water, cold water, you can stand.

That's all I have. We have yet to try the ice in zip lock bags. I think we will be doing that today! Trips to the mall are in order as well. Lucky for you, your little guy doesn't cry to grab things in every store, yet.

Hang in there!

Jones M.D. Family said...

The fans help a lot. I finally gave in and went to walmart to buy them. We got a cheap box fan for $12 bucks that works ok, and a wonderful wind machine for $34. It was way worth the investment though, it keeps the air circulating very well in the front room and makes it bearable. Get one if you can.

Michael is so big! It's so exciting that he rolls over now, just you wait he'll be going all over the place before you know it! He's so handsome as well.

The ice thing? That was hilarious, talk about shock. He handled it very well though.

Love ya'll and hope you're having a good summer. See you hopefully in a few months.

Shaillé said...

Our house in Oregon doesn't have air conditioning either and summers are no fun. We're enjoying my parents' air conditioned house... We also did the night thing with fans in the windows, it made a difference.

Congrats to Michael on rolling over, that is great!

ICE numbers - In case of emergency...? I was stumped at first until I remembered your lesson was on preparedness...

Diana said...

Yep, ICE is In Case of emergency number. good job.