Dreams do come true...

When I lived in Russia, many of us girls conjured up lists of our life goals. *Others may call these bucket lists. Mine consisted of 33 things, some of which include: "Have a large funeral" (Which I talked about here, actually), "Go a week without chocolate" (Make that an entire month! Booyah!) & also, "stop biting my nails" which by now, don't think will ever happen.

The irony of that however, is there are many goals on my list that I never thought would be entirely possible in my lifetime anyway--for example, #2 Visit Space. For sometime, I was very interested in space & astronomy. I still find it fascinating, but don't research it to the same extent as I once did. I knew being an astronaut really wouldn't be in my league though, because of my poor eyesight, and lack of smarts & training. I read about people who had been training to be astronauts for over 10 years, but had yet to go in a spaceship. Ca-razy!

In Russia, I must've talked about going to space all the time, because Anna even tore a picture of an astronaut from a coloring book, colored it for me, and autographed it with, "Good luck in all your future endeavors!" I still have the picture in my journal right behind my "life goals" list.

Why is this topic on my mind? Well, today, on the radio, I heard the most fantastic news. Starting at just $200,000, regular people like you and me can travel to space!!! Nevermind, it's for a total of four minutes; it's space nonetheless. This news gave me hope that by the time I can afford it (maybe we'll delay buying a house for some time), travel like this will be much more popular, refined, and inexpensive. Oh, and did you note the date this shuttle was successfully launched? 10.10.2010. It has to be a sign.

Until then, I'm accepting donations.


Anna said...

ha! i'd forgotten i colored that picture! that's so cool you kept it. better start saving your pennies and keeping up the coupon shopping. until then, 'good luck in all our future endeavors!' love you Di!

The Wendler Family said...

I seriously loved this post! Way to go! I would love to go into space too, though I'm super scared of heights unless I'm on a plane or roller coaster and don't look over the edge... Pretty sure I would wet myself... What's a house anyway?? A place to live? 4 minutes is space is like Brian Regan's "I walked on the moon" bit.
Oh and I just verified it with Tim- that's $833 a second.

Mallory said...

Maybe you should just keep track of all the money you save by shopping with coupons and put that in your space fund =)

Michelle G. said...

Only $200,000 for an entire four minutes? Sounds like a bargain! :) We can always dream, huh?