October 5 is the perfect day to make cupcakes.
1. It's my brother, Willie's birthday. Happy birthday!
2. I found out my neighbors' grandson's 1st birthday is also October 5. Our neighbor has never met his grandson because they live too far away. But he happily shared photographs with us. We wanted him to be able to celebrate Dean's 1st birthday from a distance.
3. I received an email (from a radio station) that gave me some fun facts to read. It stated, "The most common birth date is October 5." <--Reason to celebrate!

I got the cupcake holder idea from Tysha's blog. The process of wrapping the box was more complicated than I had hoped, but in the end I fell in love with it, and definitely plan on delivering cupcakes in this style from now on. Isn't it cute?

Michael was so excited for the present--he thought it was his birthday!
I also bought a new mini-cupcake pan. I was very pleased with it, and hope to make some cute minis for an upcoming baby shower I'm hosting.


Lisa said...

Super cute! I love the pictures of Michael smiling :) at the sight of all those beautiful treats!
By the way, in our Relief Society Presidency meeting today we were all amazed at how many October birthdays we have in our ward. Looks like it's a world wide phenonmenon. Let's see, what was happening 9 months ago? Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

Tysha said...

Your box turned out awesome!