A story with some pictures

Sometimes I think that I'm addicted to blogging, but then I look at how neglected my blog is and feel better about myself. It's all in my mind, really. When I go through various events of my day, something may catch my attention and I'll immediately start conjuring up a post in my brain. Most of the time these posts never make it here.

The worst though, is when I'm in the middle of doing something "fun" or out-of-the-0rdinary, or even just the ordinary with Michael, and I think to myself, "I need to grab the camera! I want to remember this moment forever!" Do you ever have these moments?

I don't think my Mom had these moments like I do. She lived in the days of film! *Gasp* (I love you Mom!) Therefore, she couldn't (well she could), rather she would choose not to take 15 pictures of the same moment, because that's simply too much film. One or two pictures would suffice. When I look through my old scrapbooks, I realize most of my pictures are from big events; first day of school, birthdays, Christmas, vacations, and the occasional random picture. I love my scrapbooks, and the memories they awake.

I didn't need to have a picture of me playing make-believe to remember I played it. I didn't need a picture of me having snowball fights, or playing nightgames in the middle of the street to remember how much fun I had. I know my Mom now takes many more pictures with her updated digital cameras, or her phone camera *gasp*! -but hardly any get printed. Do your computer folders bulge with photos?

I know mine do. Well, used to. Before our computer crashed. *sigh* It's okay, I've started a new set of pictures. And with each one comes the potential of a blog post, so I can "remember this moment forever." So with no further waiting, I present:

Michael having fun in a toy that he hasn't seen for months!

Now, Michael, you can always remember you lived this moment.


Meaghan said...

I do the same thing(with pictures). I always want my camera near me and whenever Max looks cute I take a picture...I have TONS. He is only 6 1/2 months old and he has over 1,000 pictures of himself. SO I know how you feel. But it is just so easy now with digital cameras. But I do love looking back at all the pictures and I'm sure he will to one day.

Lisa said...

Oh, digital cameras are sooo wonderful! The old style doesn't even compare. I remember taking my rolls of film in to be developed, paying like 10 bucks each, and waiting a few days. Then getting the pictures back and being so disappointed because maybe 3 or 4 of the 28 pictures was any good. Cameras have come a long way, baby! Shoot all the pictures you want! I love it!