Running with Scissors

I went on a shopping spree today. I'm leaving all the tags attached the clothes because I'm almost certain most all of it will be returned tomorrow. I can't stand the guilt that comes when I buy outside of my budget.

I like to buy my pants online at Alloy.com. It's a teen site, however, I feel comfortable buying pants from them because I have for years, and they come in 37 inch inseams! As I perused over their clearance section just barely, I could not help but laugh. And I'm sure you will too. Do you wonder why these pants are clearance?

Looks like they need to fire the guy who was running with scissors at the Alloy factory. I laugh at this style now, but just had a story come to mind. Because it was the cool thing to have little tears at the bottom of your pants in high school, I took some scissors to my pants, and created a small slit on either side that just rested against my shoes. After school, I was hanging out with some friends in the hallway, and my pant leg hooked to something, and just tore the entire way up the seam past my knee, completely destroying those pants, and creating quite the embarrassing moment in front of my friends. Seriously, what was I thinking?

And now, I'm going through a new dilemma. To skinny jean, or not? I remember throwing away skinny jeans and thinking "good riddance" because I thought flare pants were the most gorgeous thing.

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Lisa said...

Oh, I hope those clearance jeans have been marked way, way down! You just don't get as much bang for your buck when they're already full of holes! Funny story from high school. I'm not a skinny jean person, I totally love a flare leg, and I'll probably wear flare/boot cut jeans when they are way outdated, just because I can. Good luck with your purchases. I need to tell Diane about your website, she'd love the long inseams!

Robyn said...

I saw a girl wearing a pair of pants like this at Jethro's school the other day. I really couldn't stop staring, I kept thinking did she buy them like that, and does she realize how dumb she looks? I have a few pairs that look like the last one, but they were made that way from crawling on the floor after crazy children.