Todays Albertson's Run

Before coupons this would have cost: $34.55+Tax
After coupons I paid: $14.25!

I had to do 4 separate transactions (I love self checkout).
•1st and 2nd order were 4 boxes of Post Cereals each. Post has a catalina attached to the purchase of their cereals until this Sunday, so after my purchase & coupons, I received $6 back. I applied those to my next order.
•3rd order was napkins, tampons, liners, and Huggies wipes. I applied applicable coupons, doublers, and the catalinas (Total was: $2.55)
•4th order was 3 Huggies wipes which each had $1 coupons attached to them. I used double-the-value coupons and received each pack for just .79cents a piece!

I have actually done the Huggies wipes deal multiple times because Safeway has coupon books all around their store (which no one ever bothers to take, sadly) with manufacturer coupons in them for $1/1 package of wipes. I just wait for Albertsons to print their doublers and I get wipes for really cheap! It's a great stock up deal for those who are interested--a much better idea than paying close to $3 on a whim when you are out!


The Wendler Family said...

Nice work!
They still have Albertsons up there? All of the Albertsons in the area went out of business....

Diana said...

That's true. It probably does no good to list my albertson's deals, since no one in UT can run out and get them. There is only ONE Albertsons near me that I know of, but I am glad they are here!

Lisa said...

Diana, you are truly an inspiration! Your blogs keep me trying to do the coupon thing!