Emmy and Michael and Showers

Cousin Emily and Michael were around each other for 10 days and got along soooo well. I don't think this video will ever get old to me. They are so fun to watch. During a Smith family bridal shower for Suzy, the kiddos stole tiny cups of Nerds from the table and giggled as they sneakily ate them.

The bridal shower had a pretty great turnout. I bought these 2 cute wedding bears from the dollar store as a table centerpiece. They were too cute. And we bought Suzy a little tiara to wear during the shower, since she was the queen of the show. A few of my cousins designed some wedding dresses for her. Which one do you like best?
And, this is me wearing my sister's clothes. It's nice to have a new wardrobe for the week.

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Lisa said...

Seeing those two cousins reminds me of Richard and Diane, my daughter, when they were tiny. They were so cute together! It looks like you had a fun shower. I'm excited to see the wedding pictures!