Seasonal Produce

Michael and I ran lots of errands today. I had bought radishes at the store, and he snacked on them the whole time begging for more. I have also done a very good job at making dinner, and Richard and I have really enjoyed actually sitting at the table for dinner together! (It really happens irregularly in our home with our schedules). Also, if I help plan, shop for, and prepare the meals for two weeks I can pass off a personal progress value experience! :)

Anyway, I wanted to share this link (Click Here) with any of you who may be interested in learning what produce is considered "in season" during particular months. I had absolutely no idea, to be honest, considering I've grown up thinking fresh produce was available 24/7. Which it is, but they say (and no, I don't really know who 'they' is) that freshest is bestest.

Next on the menu for us is potato and leek soup, and a potato cabbage gratin. Wish me luck! New recipes tend to intimidate me.


MidSpeck said...

I remember that once I decided that I wanted corn on the cob for dinner. So I went to the store and headed for the produce section. No corn. I was so confused. I too thought that all produce was available year-round.

Lisa said...

Good luck on your new recipes. I know, it's always a gamble! Be sure to share the good recipes, I'm looking for new stuff right now. After 27 years, it's time to come up with some new favorites!