In a nutshell

Suzy and Brycen are an absolutely wonderful and beautiful couple. & I'm not just saying that, cuz that's what everybody says. I 100% mean it, and love them! They were married on Feb. 27, 2010 in the Timpanogos Temple in Utah. I didn't get very many pictures with my camera, but I have to share what I have.

The traditional family picture. I would love to tell you the story--another time.

Uncle James is so wonderful. He is also a very good ballroom dancer. We danced together multiple times, at the reception or in the family livingroom.

Unfortunately, I hardly took any reception pictures. I mostly used my brother's nice camera, and don't have any copies as of yet. This is my sister, Michelle prepping the peppers for the cream cheese and veggie wraps we served at the reception.
I cut up a lot of pineapple for the reception. I showed Michael that he could lick this part of the pineapple and still taste the juice. Dig in!
My adorable niece.
My beautiful sister.
And the ONE reception picture. Pathetic, I know. But it was such a fun evening. Running around and greeting and seeing tons of friends I haven't seen in a long time!
Suzy's colors were Mint Green, Forest Green, and chocolate. You wanna know a piece of how she picked these colors? Brownies. I kid you not. Suzy wanted to serve her favorite treat the reception "BYU Mint Brownies", and picked mint green as her colors because of it! Isn't that hilariously fantastic!? And, can you tell me how many calories are in a nice slice of one of these? Suzy can.And, of course, you can't forget our late night volleyball game. After reception clean up, we raced down to another church building where cousin Jordan had set up a volleyball net. The game started at 10:30pm. I left about an hour later, but most stayed until 1 am. Crazy people.


Lisa said...

Yeah, wedding pictures! Suzy was a beautiful bride, I love her dress and bouquet. The volleyball game til 1am cracks me up! The reward for all the hard work!

Anna said...

i remember how you used to talk about your cute sister suzy all the time in russia. then i remember how i randomly met her in church in cedar on day. and now she's all growed up and married. :')

Rachel said...

What a beautiful family! Love the pictures!

Myrna said...

Very nice post! About a very nice girl! By her equally nice sister!

Jennette said...

Very nice post and pics! Actually, I have a recipe for BYU Brownies that was published in the BYU Magazine some years ago. And they taste so great. I'll have to send it to Suzy if she doesn't already have it.

And I can't believe the late night Volleyball game--how crazy fun!

Shaillé said...

Suzy's married!! Tell her congrats from me! I love the mint brownies and thus corresponding colors - that IS hilariously fantastic!! Yummmmmy!